Dakota Johnson blames the depressed Banderas Melanie Griffith

Дакота Джонсон винит Бандераса в депрессии Мелани Гриффит
The actress is afraid that her mother will return to their old bad habits.

Дакота Джонсон винит Бандераса в депрессии Мелани Гриффит

Dakota Johnson

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The star of “50 shades of
“gray, daughter of don Johnson and Melanie Griffith — Dakota Johnson admitted
one of his close friends that it is very concerned about the health of the mother. She believes that Melanie is going through a serious depression, even though everywhere says that she’s OK and she’s happy. In a recent interview Griffith said it still hopes to meet Prince charming. But it is unlikely, according to her daughter, the actress believes it seriously. During one of his recent visits home Dakota saw that the mother suffers from insomnia, lost appetite, day Griffith often sits, looking in
one point… of all the problems Dakota mother blames her stepfather Antonio

During 18 years of marriage with Melanie Antonio constantly cheated on her, flirted with pretty young girls — and in the end, absolutely
undermined the self-esteem of the wife. And although Nicole Kimpel to which the 58-year-old Banderas
left Griffith, not so young as his former girlfriend,
she’s still younger than Antonio for 22 years! Dakota said friend
considers the last selfish stepfather, who had abandoned her mother in order to be near his mistress to experience a second youth!

Antonio moved from America to Britain, where he acquired along with Nicole
house. He studies at the design Academy, from time to time removed, and in General quite
happy. But Melanie is in a melancholy, not alone to experience the joy of life. Dakota is afraid that
mother under the influence of depression may revert to old bad
habits. As we know, Melanie has in the past been treated for alcohol
and drug dependency. If, according to Johnson, her mother soon
the time will not ask for help from a specialist psychologist, we can all
to end very badly.

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