Extreme photo pregnant Sobchak caused a heated debate

Экстремальное фото беременной Собчак вызвало жаркие споры TV presenter surprised fans with an unusual pose. Ksenia Sobchak continues to practice yoga and even perform difficult exercises. Fans were inspired by the example of the journalist, although it expressed concern for the safety of the celebrity and her unborn child.

      The famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak very soon for the first time will become a mother. Despite the fact that information about the interesting position of the journalist appeared at the end of spring, celebrity was in no hurry to officially declare that expecting a child and just laughed it off for this reason. In the microblog Ksenia tried to put only those pictures, which would not have been visible to her slightly rounded tummy. Only at the festival “New wave” a celebrity has openly stated that becoming a mom.

      Despite the interesting position, she continues to lead a normal life – she works and plays sports. One of the exercises that she showed to fans in his microblog, really surprised all the fans of the journalist.

      “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. Just an hour and a half every day – and your life qualitatively and hopefully quantitatively changing. Now to work harder than usual,” wrote Sobchak on his page in the social network.

      Fans were quick to Express their admiration for the successes of TV stars. They were thrilled that she ventured on such a dangerous exercise during pregnancy. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak every day standing on his head

      “You okay, whiz. But as a kid? Indeed, Bravo! That’s insatiable lady”, “Ksenia, good for you! Health to you and your baby! Sincerely happy for you”, “the following adress, but is not harmful? I at the same time now around, crawling like a snail. Constantly want to sleep,” “I am myself the entire pregnancy and did yoga. We were not allowed inverted asanas after the sixth month, as there were cases that the children were turned over. They say they do. This information is from the canadian instructors,” overreacted fans.

      As told to “StarHit” Lera Kudryavtseva, Ksenia still tries to practice yoga every day, because training like her tone. Also the expectant mother is enrolled in a special course for pregnant women – a personal trainer keeps under control every movement Sobchak.

      “She became calmer, balanced, – says Kseniya Kudryavtseva. – More sitting, because the back gets tired, long standing her it is hard. But in General the pregnancy is easy. Is that the first few months, he says, a lot of sleep, tired quickly. And even admitted that in recent time, there was two times more – for two, I guess. But tastes haven’t changed – anything especially does not pull.”