Резо Гигинеишвили посвятил слова любви Надежде Михалковой Director touching congratulated his wife with a birthday. Hope Mikhalkov celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. As the actress confessed she can’t believe she went four dozen, because it does not feel at this age.

      Today Nadezhda Mikhalkov celebrates – daughter of the famous filmmaker turned 30. The actress refuses to believe that she went to the fourth decade – she announced this in her microblog, put up a funny picture. Perhaps one of the most valuable of congratulations for her on this day were the words of the spouse Rezo Gigineishvili. In his microblog the Director wrote the touching lines dedicated to beloved.

      “Love you! Happy birthday!”, – signed a joint frame with the wife of a man.

      Fans joined his congratulations and left good wishes on the page of the actress in the social network. “Happy birthday! Happiness, health, patience, Love and good! “Happy birthday, wonderful Nadia! Such a beautiful, feminine and just incredible! Stay always like this!”, “Irresistible! Be happy and smile, Nadia!”, – wrote followers.

      Last month the media started talking about the impending divorce of actress Hope Mikhalkova and Director Rezo Gigineishvili. There were rumors that the couple no longer live together. The man hurried to refute all the speculation of journalists, calling them nonsense. However, the stars went out one by one and in their social networks has become less common frames.

      Hope itself has not commented on the relationship with the spouse. According to Mikhalkov, in family life, no matter how much the husband and wife spend time together. “Not necessarily every moment to be together to chat near. Especially with the advent of children in family life is woven into another, new, branch. It is important to stay in that comfort zone, which suits all family members and does not prevent each of them to develop in their own direction,” – said Mikhalkov. Adhering to this point of view, a woman does not preclude the communication Rezo with his daughter from his first marriage Maria.

      Recall that Hope and Rezo were married in April 2010, and in 2011 got married in Babescom women’s monastery. In six years of living together they had daughter Nina and son Ivan. Mikhalkov skillfully combines work in the movie and the upbringing of children, so the heirs did not neglected.