Необычные люди собрались в одном месте Today in the Studio of the project “the Stars aligned” on NTV gathered unique nature of the people – a very unusual appearance, which look and which discuss. They all shared their stories about how to live.
Необычные люди собрались в одном месте

Natalia Kuznetsova – well, very inflated girl. Her weight is now around 100 kilograms, the volume of the biceps – 43 cm, waist – 74, and breast – 123. She easily lifts up to two tons of cargo. Her physical form to appreciate in the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned”, and presenter Oscar Kuchera personally made measurements of the main parameters of young ladies. She was the first guest in a series of unusual participants in the new edition of the show and attracted the most interest. The music critic Sergei Sosedov, who all could not believe that before him is a real woman, not a man who did the operation.

Необычные люди собрались в одном месте“Do you believe that it is a natural girl? You all are mad, gentlemen!”, – outraged Neighbors.

However, many of the guests in the Studio supported the girl. In General, the atmosphere on the program there is quite friendly. Each following a unique and unusual birth of the hero of the guests were met with great enthusiasm, sometimes even with admiration.

For example, Catherine Nezhentseva, which even in infancy was diagnosed “syndrome of flabby skin” on her face since childhood was covered with wrinkles. As a schoolgirl, she looked like a pensioner. 17-year-old Katya was surprised strangers. Teachers initially shrugged: why grandma sat behind the Desk?

Catherine had plastic surgery – a circular facelift and then got married and had two children. Now she’s 23, but she still looks older than his age. However, Catherine does not feel some special, and your diagnosis does not equate to a conviction. “I look at myself in the mirror and see a 23-year-old girl,” she says. “You were amazing!” – summed up the singer Yulia Nachalova.

Необычные люди собрались в одном месте

Guests of Oscar Kucera also became the long-legged country girl and the miniature. The rise of Catherine Lisini 2 feet 5 inches, leg length – 143 cm, and the shoes she wears a size 47. At her feet even have a title – “the biggest female foot in Russia.”

But Tasha Mayakovskaya officially called the smallest model in the country. Her height is 86 cm

Alexey Molchanov – world record holder in free diving, he is able pogruzitsya to 129 meters. Without scuba gear. For which he received the nickname “frogman”. Another character, Radmila Yusupov, she arrived from Ufa, called a snake. All because she has the longest tongue in the country.

Необычные люди собрались в одном месте

An absolute decoration of the program was the appearance of girls the albino from Yakutia. For the white hair and light eyes that sometimes change color, 8-year-old Naria called Yakut snow Maiden.

Необычные люди собрались в одном месте

However, one hero disappoint the audience – having the longest hair, not just fall into the book with different records, known all over the country and beyond Bruce Khlebnikov. Remember how many years he let his hair grow, and then dragged them to buses? Recently, as it turned out, the guy decided to shave my head.