Экс-супруг Виктории Дайнеко перестал скрывать новую возлюбленную Musician Dmitry Kleiman posted a picture with a charming stranger. In the photo, he gently kisses her. Fans have been quick to point out that the musician and his girlfriend look great together.

Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman officially divorced in September 2017 – after a series of scandals. The singer was unhappy that he learned about the divorce from the media and not personally from the ex-lover. Now spouses practically don’t meet but they still have contact because of their child.

And while Victoria refuses to comment on personal life, Dimitri puts all new and new pictures with another sweetheart. Earlier the man only alluded to the fact that it is not free, and now decided to dot the i.

Darling Kleiman name is Lyubov Subbotina. She lives in Moscow and works as a photographer. Fans speculated that Dmitry met a girl at work, but their relationship quickly moved to a new level.

Previously, Kleiman was posting the picture with Subbotina, but then he only hinted at a romantic relationship.

“No questions…” – simply signed photograph of Dimitri.

Some members of the musician suggested that his relationship with Love began even before the completion of divorce proceedings. Moreover, Dayneko repeatedly hinted of adultery. However, earlier she claimed that Dmitry of the family took her close friend.

“What are the names of the friends that first you make friends, you trust them, invited to all the most important events, and then she starts sleeping with your husband? Just wondering how these moral prostitutes is land,” – said earlier Victoria on Instagram.

Later Dayneko called and the name rozluchnytsi. The collapse of her marriage she was accusing some Xenia. However, a friend of the singer were quick to refute this information. “If this continues, I’m just going to sue Victoria. She needs something to hide behind: all she ask why you got divorced. But is not she tell the truth, and that lying to the right and left”, – told the “StarHit” girl.

Now she tries not to think about failure in his personal life. She loves to travel with her daughter and, besides, a lot of work. It is possible that the BC is not yet ready to trust the man. But her ex-husband, apparently, does not want to spend the evening alone.