Выход беременной Стоцкой в свет чуть не закончился трагедией
The singer fell down the stairs at a social event.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

The appearance of Anastasia Stotskaya fashion show almost ended for her in a terrible tragedy. The singer told about how on the eve of the social event fell headlong from the ladder. Fortunately, Stotsky escaped possible serious injury.

The singer reacted to the situation with humor: “But nothing happened, only the knee stripped… Because they do not figure the puzatiki to go to social events…” But the fans condemned Anastasia for such a frivolous behavior on the last pregnancy, expressed in the comments under the photo of their anger. “How so? We have to think about the baby… Maybe we should sit?”, “What a nightmare, imagine what it could end…” — wrote to her.

Meanwhile, leave at full maternity leave Anastasia, apparently, is not going to. Soon Stotsky will become a mother for the second time. She’s already raising five year old son Alexander, and this spring the house of the singer will have another boy. By the way, the breaks between filming and visits to the Metropolitan party Stotsky finds time for sports. Not so long ago she became interested in yoga for pregnant women, who promised to prepare the female body for childbirth.