Эксперты выяснили, когда скончается Елизавета II

In January of this year the Queen of England got worried and millions of his subjects. For the first time in a long time, Elizabeth II did not take part in the Church’s Christmas service because of poor health. At some point, due to lack of information in the media began to appear reports that monarch died. But fortunately the news was false. Now Elizabeth II feels good and even does horseback riding, ignoring the safety rules.

The press still considers it appropriate to remind monarhine of age. Recently one of the leading British Newspapers — The Guardian published an article about how many will live to head the British throne and what will happen to the country after her death.

“Her Kingdom is going through troubled times, and citizens refuse to acknowledge that its reign will end,” — said in the beginning of the article, but the material takes on a cynical tone. Focusing on the opinion of some “experts” say about how to live an Elizabeth II up to the day. According to experts, Elizabeth II, which in April will celebrate 91 years of age, live about four years and a few months.