Анастасия Макеева прокомментировала предстоящую свадьбу и беременность
The actress will leave a career to raise children.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “the invisible Man”

Anastasia Makeeva has never concealed: it has long been dreaming about becoming a mom. Probably why during the filming of “the invisible Man”, where the actress participated as a guest, she spent a lot of time to discussing the topic of having children. Experts, namely: a magician, a palmist, a psychologist, a fortune teller, a shaman, and a criminologist predicted Anastasia’s imminent birth of the child. And not one, but four!

If you believe the fortune teller, Makeev in the next four years will meet their fate and bear a firstborn. After that, according to the sibyl, the actress will become a mother three more times. Main character announced the number of children a little confused. “When will I have time to give birth to four children?” surprised Anastasia. Despite the level of distrust toward experts mystical show, Makeev was very pleased with the forecast for the future.

By the way, Anastasia’s divorce with former husband Gleb Matveychuk’s been more than six months, but she still was not able to survive a painful divorce. During the filming of Makeeva were accused of a ruined marriage, her mother-in-law. In addition, according to the artist, she and Gleb had different views on life. She has long been dreaming about strong family with children, but her ex-husband was focused on a career.

“I can’t say that Hleb didn’t want the baby. But it did not have desires, aspirations… You could certainly give birth and have two children: Belchenkova — dad and little brother… I’m ready right now to leave the profession. And do it with pleasure. But as far as I go will depend on how I’m going to enjoy the process of motherhood…” — said Makeev.