Елена Беркова готовится к свадьбе The former participant “Houses-2” is planning to arrange a luxury wedding ceremony. Chosen, the flamboyant star became the actor of the series “Capercaillie” Andrei Stoyanov. Happy couple receiving congratulations from friends and relatives.

      16 Mar shocking star Elena Berkova celebrated his birthday. A few days ago a woman turned 32 years old. For this reason eks-the participant “Houses-2” organized a cheerful party gathered family and friends.

      To congratulate the birthday girl came Stepan Menshikov, Andrey Aleksin, Rustam Solntsev, Anna Kalashnikov, Anna Grachevskaya, and many others. They also appreciated the first clip, an aspiring singer, filmed for the song “changed.” Director Frank enough, video has become a Maxim Poddubny. Starring in the movie played Elena Berkova and her lover Andrei Stoyanov.

      The guests not only praised the debut video of the artist, but he learned the good news. Elena and her partner Andrew announced to the guests that the plan to hold a big ceremony. According to the lovers, it will happen in the near future. Details of the forthcoming event pair has been kept secret, but something the environment of a Hostel and Stoyanova know managed.

      “Soon Lena and Andrew’s wedding, and I had the honor to carry it out. Stay tuned for announcements!” – said Stepan Menshikov in his microblog.

      Friends of the couple immediately began to congratulate them on their planned celebration. They also want Elena success in the conquest of the musical Olympus. According to many, the talented artist will be able to climb to the top in this field.

      “Helen, darling, happy birthday to you and the presentation of the clip! You umnichka! We love you guys and are waiting for a wedding invitation,” wrote Anna in his microblog Grachevskaya.

      Recall that on the engagement of ex-member “House-2” Elena Berkova and actor of the series “Capercaillie” Andrei Stoyanov became known last summer. The actors started Dating a few years ago, but after some time were forced to leave. Your break with a loved Elena explained his reluctance to create a family. Then / and Stoyanov for a long time did not speak, but the joint work on the show brought them closer together again. In the end, Helen and Andrew met and began to live together.

      By the way, the chosen star is not a relative of Yuri Stoyanov, as erroneously believed by many fans of Elena Berkova. Andrew is also an actor, but he came into the profession quite late: the debut of the men took place at the age of 32 years. Then Stoyanov managed to get a casting role in serial “the Crime will be solved”.