Кэти Перри бросила Орландо Блума из-за соперницы The pair has announced the departure after a year relationship. As it turned out, Orlando bloom has publicly flirted with another woman a few days before the announcement of the breakup with Katy Perry. Some time later the pictures with the new girlfriend of the actor appeared online.

      Кэти Перри бросила Орландо Блума из-за соперницы

      First noticed something was wrong guests Oscar party of Vanity Fair magazine, held on 26 February. Orlando and Katie were on the red carpet separately, and the singer and with a cavalier – fashion blogger Derek Blasberg. Single Hollywood ladies often invite cute gay Derek to join them at social events, but why it took Katie with a real boyfriend? The party did not answer the question.

      “Most of the time Katie did not seem to notice Orlando, – eyewitnesses told. They posed for photos and then ran to different corners.”

      Happy birthday to you

      Such behavior of the pair put all into a dead end, because even in January, Orlando and Katie looked happy together. 32-year-old singer even took the lead in organizing the holiday surprise on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of boyfriend. Gathered in palm springs all of his family and friends, ordered a cake life-size, decorated with chocolate owl. Orlando almost cried when that cake popped up, and threw herself on the neck of mother residing in England. “The best gift in life!” – wrote the actor in social networks about the unexpected arrival of a mother. Whereupon the lovers are parted – Katie remained in Los Angeles, and Orlando went on a charity mission to Nigeria.

      Logically his return was crowned the next series of public hugs and kisses, but instead, Kathy began to rinse it Arctic cold. The next day after the ill-fated party from fans of the star couple began to hope that it was a misunderstanding. Orlando has posted on his page photo with a new dog Katy puppy poodle named Nugget. The singer kind to their Pets and would not give in Orlando to squeeze Nugget if I was angry or didn’t trust. However, a day later, the representatives of the celebrities announced that Orlando and Katie decided to “respectfully and with great love” to have a rest from each other.

      Кэти Перри бросила Орландо Блума из-за соперницы

      Alarming symptoms

      The press dubbed the gap unexpected, although in November last year, the pair has already been through the crisis. According to friends of the singer, Katie was tired of constantly riding from Los Angeles to Malibu, where he lives in Orlando. Talked about this and she: “Every time I’m mad because of how much time you lose on the road. I understand why people are moving from Los Angeles closer to the ocean and beaches, but no one in their right mind hauling my butt out of the city this way, once again to check in on them”.

      In addition, the friends argued that in the fading careers Orlando more and more keen on alcohol.

      “When Orly gets drunk, he becomes much less likable person, according to eyewitnesses. Ceases to understand who he is and where he is, then turns off. His ex-wife Miranda Kerr often had to search among the party guests, the man who would help her to bring the Orlando to the taxi.”

      Plans customized for family and children Perry such entertainment is clearly not included. Then Orlando and Katie were able to agree, but their agreement is unlikely to give the actor the right to hug other women, and to whisper in your ear sweet nothings. That’s what he’d done at the party charity Fund Global Green at the club TAO for a few days before the ceremony “Oscars”. The object of courtship Orlando was the daughter of the founder of Erin McCabe, brunette in her twenties. The pictures came to the journalists after Katie sent Orly to resign, but the singer likely learned about his adventures before from friends of eyewitnesses. That explains her sudden coldness and the equally sudden desire to end the relationship with the frivolous ladies ‘ man.