EXCLUSIVE! Stylist Nicole Kidman told how to dress their famous client

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Стилист Николь Кидман рассказала, как одевает свою знаменитую клиентку
At the Cannes film festival star, in recognition of fashion expert, brought in a dozen outfits.

Nicole Kidman


This year, Nicole Kidman will present four films with his participation — and they are all in the competition. The extraordinary success of the star, which in a month will be 50 years old, unique and have never been surpassed. Nicole immediately on arrival took to the red carpet — and immediately created a furor. And we were able to talk to her stylist Julia von Boehm. Previously, she worked as a stylist and editor at a number of glossy magazines and prepared advertising campaigns for famous designers, and with Kidman has partnered with 2014. Then Julia had prepared the actress for the opening ceremony of the festival: Nicole played grace Kelly in “grace of Monaco”, awarded the honor to open the Cannes film festival. And here is what stylist stars.

Play famous actress who became a Princess, meant to find the perfect image for Nicole to even the snobs of the fashion world could not her to blame. And Julia suggested that Nicole’s outfit from Armani Prive dress with bare shoulders, decorated with magnificent embroidery. The jewels were chosen from jewelry house Harry Winston. Kidman made a lasting impression. She looked like a real Princess, and not to disgrace the honor of the creators of the film and its heroine. Since then, the collaboration of the actress and von Boehm continues successfully.

Julia admitted that Nicole Kidman is her only client. So much work to do that dress some celebrity is impossible and unethical. And Nicole wouldn’t sign a contract with her to give up the stylist from such conditions. Unlike many Actresses who are preparing to choose outfits and jewelry right in the showrooms on the Croisette, Nicole prefers to know in advance what will be on the red carpet or at a social event. Thus, her stylist, it is important to offer the actress even at home, long before the arrival to the festival. Julie and like this approach. Whether it be her will, she would not have accompanied his star, and stayed home. So peaceful. But this time to sit on the couch while Nicole defile invented images. Too many of them, most of these outputs.

“Nicole is well versed in fashion and knows about the clothes all you can. She is ready to choose from a million dresses and not get tired of doing it. With her figure she can wear everything. Thin and tall — Yes Nicole elegant and chic look to any silhouette! And at the same time, Nicole never looks boring. And this, believe, is not so easy to achieve.”

How many outfits brought Kidman in Cannes, given that she will still lead a prestigious evening auction, amFAR, in addition to the four outputs on the red festival the stairs and potocolom? Just a dozen. And still, admits Julia, very hard every day to surprise the demanding public. She only had a month to prepare since the competition program was announced just a month ago. And before that they didn’t know exactly how many films with her clients will go to the festival.. But Julia used to select for Kidman the outfits at fashion shows – even not knowing in case what they’ll do. She believes that the European avant-garde and “Luke” in Cannes in demand the most. Fortunately, Nicole’s figure like fashion models and dress directly from the catwalk, she does not even always need to alter.

“I don’t spend a lot of time to advice the client how to carry, to serve a particular outfit. Nicole is so natural that these topics, it does not need. She perfectly understands and feels. Knows how to move, to stand, to cope with any original inserts or strips. Our strategy is not to abuse the amount of expensive jewellery. We fully agree with Nicole in their opinions. Our plan is simple. No need to create the impression, as if you just want to steal all the jewels as soon as you descend from the red carpet!. Solely a little jewelry, only those that perfectly match her dress and looks classic. Classic choice of decorations is very important. Otherwise, you can ruin everything, no matter how gorgeous the jewelry was not in and of themselves”.

And Julia confessed that never bothers Nicole, just before the release and then. Some stylists ask their clients to send them a selfie or something of the same sort of charge from the event. But his faithful assistant, Kidman understands how difficult it is to actually surprise the audience yet again and the tension feels even such an experienced star as her client. By the way, Nicole came to Cannes for the 26th time.