ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: «русская Джоли» Анастасия Брызгалова шокирована последствиями триумфа
Calingasta spoke about how he became a star of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky

Photo: Instagram.com

The success of the Russian pair of Anastasia and Alexander Bryzgalova Krushelnytskoho won
the first in the history of the Russian Curling Olympic medal, more
long will be discussed in the media. The couple managed to become stars of the Olympic games-2018,
and in the world press discussed not only their victory, but spectacular
the appearance of Anastasia.

After Western journalists dubbed Bryzgalov “Jolie Russian” or “Russian Megan Fox” on her page in social networks has become very popular. Anastasia tells
she and her entourage in shock from the “fallen” on it’s popularity.

“All in shock. For all I write: “Nastya, it is generally, what, what’d you cheat the whole Olympics?” Do some crazy. To be honest, when we went, I thought, well, it will hurt everyone who usually watch Curling, there is a small mass of people. But this is something unreal, we write not only from our country but from around the world write that because of us we started watching Curling because it is a very interesting and started to understand the rules! — happy Anastasia. — Who I just wrote. The people with whom I was in first grade or in kindergarten went!”

She simultaneously appeared thousands of new subscribers, among whom was the popular media characters. For example, the rapper T-killah showed interest with Anastasia, and she was glad. Alexander, incidentally, is not jealous of all the attention went to his wife. He also appeared a lot of new friends in the Network. But Bryzgalov was adamant that does not want to become part of secular parties. Soon she had clear plans: to prepare for the next competition, to accumulate material resources and in the foreseeable future breeding dogs.