Стало известно имя разлучницы Дженнифер Энистон и Джастина Теру
The husband of Hollywood actress found a young girlfriend.

Стало известно имя разлучницы Дженнифер Энистон и Джастина Теру

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Petra Collins

Photo: Instagram.com

The news of the divorce of Jennifer aniston and
Justin Theroux, who got married only 2.5 years ago, struck
many fans of the couple. However, for friends who knew the spouses,
the news that the actress and her husband made the decision to leave was not a big surprise.

Aniston’s friend said that almost
the last year Jennifer and Justin spent apart. She is at his home in Los Angeles,
and he was in the apartment in new York. The last time Jennifer had seen in Greenwich Village in the apartment
Theroux where he lived in October last year. Jennifer starred in the movie, worked
yoga and spent time in the company of close friends, not too often appearing
at night parties in the clubs. And Justin,
meanwhile, more and more poured into the art – the artistic Bohemia, to which
he always gravitated. According to witnesses, Theroux repeatedly said his new
friends that he “absolutely free”, hinting that his status is married
men – only a formality. Justin was already having fun in the company of Bohemian friends
and girlfriends. But most often it was seen in the company of fashionable young photograther
Petra Collins.

In fact, Justin, who is always
popular with the ladies, this year not seen in the company of women. To
example, in the beginning of last year in mass media there were photos from parties, where Theroux vengeance
embraced with actress Naomi watts, who had recently broke up with Levon
Schreiber. It was said that these photograph made Jennifer jealous rage,
however, she quickly calmed down, because Theroux was no excuse. He said
Naomi just his old girlfriend, with whom he was friends for over 16 years. But the convergence of the spouse with the 25-year-old Petra angered the 49-year-old aniston
much more.

How to say it at the beginning of this “friendship” and became “the beginning
the end of the” marriage of the actress with Theroux.

Although, of course, it was not only a new
passion of Justin. Aniston and Theroux from the very beginning were very different people — with different tastes, habits and circle of acquaintances. So you have
wonder how she managed to live together, in total, have been together for almost 7
years. Now they have divorce process. It is hoped that it will be
not too “bloody”, because, according to reports, before the wedding they entered into a marriage contract. So that everyone remains “in its”: aniston will retain their
200 million, in Ter 20 million. It’s good that the couple got
children, so that at least their “share” is not necessary….