Эксклюзив! Юлия Ауг: «Жизнь заставила меня перестать веселиться!»
Popular actress openly spoke about the difficult period in life.

Эксклюзив! Юлия Ауг: «Жизнь заставила меня перестать веселиться!»

Julia Aug

Photo: Mostelefilm

On the eve of the release of the series “Neighbours” on channel “Russia”, which starts on April 28, 7days.ru met with actress Yulia Aug: she openly talked about his family and professional success.

— Julia, all know that you are not one of those artists who select the projects according to the principle of magnitude of the fee. What attracted you to the role in the Comedy “Neighbors”?

— To the “Neighbors” I never played in the Comedy. I didn’t know how to do it, which is always very interesting. It is a completely different way of life and way of reaction. It should be much faster and the way to rating — shorter than in the social drama, not to mention the tragedy… In the drama and tragedy, I can do everything. And in the Comedy can’t do anything. On the one hand, every day was stressful because I did not immediately become better. The other project was for me a great opportunity to expand his acting opportunities. So “the Neighbors” is my attempt to go beyond the usual role and ability to do something.

— If to speak about the genre, Comedy it seemed to you easier than drama?

— Just for me — the Comedy is much more difficult. Here is an example. Tonight we play the performance “Persona”. This is a very strong tragedy. Having played in this production, I leave with the feeling that unloaded coal wagon. However it is incredibly pleasant to me, I love it! This performance was for me a real Gestalt therapy, because we began to rehearse a year after my husband’s death. Through this role I was freed from your pain. Apparently, because most of my life, existing in a certain way, my organics and Psychophysics easier to exist in the genre of drama and tragedy.

My colleague Olga Naumenko, for example, loves Comedy, because the audience in her, in her words, always happy and smiling. And for me it is completely incomprehensible. After working in Comedy I have a feeling that I unloaded more cars, weeks after the tragedy (laughs).

— Are you generally a happy person?

Five years ago I was a gay man. Now there isn’t. Over the past five years I have so often received from life on the head, that somehow ceased to be fun (laughs).

Эксклюзив! Юлия Ауг: «Жизнь заставила меня перестать веселиться!»

Julia Aug, Elena Valyushkina

Photo: Mostelefilm

— Your character in “Neighbors” is an amazing woman.

She is very wise: accepts all for who they are, calmly react to any situation and is not satisfied with the tantrums about this. She has a very difficult life, but it easily applies to it. I think this is the right wisdom and a setting, because whatever you spend energy on experiences, nothing will change. The more you care, the less work. The smaller are, the further from you the solution to any problem. I’m not as wise as she is. I like to empathize! (laughs)

— In one you and her are exactly alike: don’t meddle in my daughter’s life and allow her to make choices independently.

— His daughter, I do not impose anything, we’re friends. As for the heroine, she and her husband, by the way, the brain can not stand.

Although he the still frame drinking and cranky.

— Yes, it is for that nag, but she doesn’t. Generally, this amazing feminine quality — to make the brain. Well, maybe sometimes it really is necessary to do? I don’t know (smiling).

— You said that your character is wiser than you. How hard is it to get into character better than you man?

— Is actually much harder to play someone dumber than you. What is wisdom? Just some true motivation of actions. And stupidity — this is a personal characteristic. A very stupid person not just makes mistakes and behaves in life, like an idiot. He does not listen to the people and proves his innocence, despite the fact that has no reason and right to prove it. To impose their opinion.

You play a man who’s wiser than you, nature does not resist. She just reaches out to this simplicity and wisdom. And when you play a man who is significantly dumber than you, inside you, all resists! Constantly think about what an idiot he is!? How he actually lives!? Because of this, you’re always in conflict with his character, and it’s hard.

— In life you have a doubting man?

— I doubt it. Sometimes I think to myself, “Well then why are you hesitating? The problem is not worth a damn!”. I’m a very reflexive person.

— I always wondered how actress Julia Aug get along with Yulia Aug Director?

Director Julia Aug are not familiar with the actress Yulia Aug, two entirely different people. One by the other, even not wearing (laughs). As an actress I’m the same person no doubt, but very brave. I know that. I’m ready to try some very extreme conditions and situations. I am not afraid. But in real life I fear very much.

Julia Aug

Photo: Mostelefilm

— How is your relationship with other people?

— My position — no one owes nothing. I’m one of those people who know that a person alone in this world. If you have a friend close by with some emotional qualities, people just need to be thankful that you have them. You cannot break the boundaries of even the most close to you, not what other. You cannot break the boundaries of her daughter…

You need to ask permission if you want to come up with some advice you did not ask. I think that advice is impossible to give just. This not only will help, but will always be perceived in bayonets.

— You feel lonely?

— I’m a lonely person by nature. I’ve built my life in such a way that close friends I have very little, and most importantly for me, my family. But loneliness to me is very good. I’m incredibly tired of frequent communication, from a large number of people. With a few people closest to me we always try to be polite, to respect the will, choice and freedom to each other.

By the way, I think that this is a manifestation of my perfectionism. But not in relation to other people. I’m demanding to myself, but do not demand anything for themselves.

— I really do not understand how it is possible not to go “with its Charter,” when you objectively see what’s close to you people is, to put it mildly, the wrong way.

— Well, not to impose their views. Impossible. If today you suddenly want to start to build some relationships with the person closest to you, you will not be able to do it with RAID. In order to lined up a certain style of relationship, it takes time. Impossible to impose on a person, but you can negotiate. The fact that close to each other, people very rarely talk. This is the main psychological problem that stretches out for all time. A rare man can come home and talk about what he cares about.


— Because, as a rule, he is afraid that he will say: “You are to blame”. In psychology this is called depreciation. And that’s the depreciation kills us. I remember very well how hated in childhood to be sick. Not because I had to skip school. If I just came home and said that I have a fever and a sore throat, my mother always answered: “She is guilty. What did I tell you? Tightly knotted scarf, do not wet feet, keep warm”. It seems to be a standard set of absolutely true things, but they were originally filed so that it hurts and creates a pillow a traumatic rejection.

Therefore, a primary what you need to learn in this life is to talk, to say some things. If your friend does something that makes you uncomfortable, it is not necessary to make his brain and called a bastard. All you need is to explain: “Excuse me, but you just did something that hurts me”.

— These principles are the basis of your daughter relations?

Yeah, when me and Pauline are having any problems in the relationship, I never say, “Oh, you bastard, how could you!”. Although, of course, she usually does some things that could anger me so much. Somehow she had a period when she was very oddly dressed. I watched all this, but said nothing, remembering his mother, who constantly bore my brain about how I dress…

But at some moment I simply asked her: “why you dress like that? You suddenly strangely changed the style, that is now fashionable? Tell me about this style”. We started talking and found out that it’s not that she’s so fond of or simply convenient, but the fact that she had no money to buy new clothes. Then I just offered her money, so she went to the store and bought something. “And go as any fan of the football team,” I joked (laughing). All was solved simply and painlessly.

I was talking to Pauline at the age of three. One of our conversation and I, and she remembered for a lifetime. She had a period when she ceased to read. She was 13-14 years old. Summer school, in addition to the main program, you need to read some extracurricular books. Polina didn’t read anything, and I got very angry.

She said, “Paul, I love you, and I’ll love you always. It most certainly is. But I will love you, will largely depend on if you can grow an interesting conversationalist and an interesting partner in life. If you don’t read books, sorry, your intellect will not develop. I will continue to love you, but as any cat or dog, but as a person I love you already can’t.” Remember that Polina is very shocked. Notice I did not swear. But she still remembers it (laughs).

— Not offended by such candor?

— If Pauline is already an adult, she’s 21, she may very well speak as well to me, if it something does not like it.

— What, for example?

— After the death of Andrew I sometimes happen some depressive episodes, I can slip into an incredible pity. At such moments, Polina may very well say to me: “Mom, snap out of it! From what you are now going to feel sorry for yourself, don’t do anything, wag in her hand and will no longer take care of yourself, no one will not be good. You lose your job, will cease to be interesting. Do you need it? I think that is not necessary. All! Come on, tidy yourself up, will live on.”

— And you are not offended?

— If you begin to build such relationships, you should understand that the two people they are equal.