«Крик груди»: Юлия Проскурякова обратила внимание дизайнеров на свой пышный бюст
The singer told about the plight of girls with natural forms.

Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Julia Proskuryakova often falls under the criticism of fashion bloggers, saying that the singer is still very young, and dresses like a “woman of age”. Yesterday, the actress said about why you can’t pick up a wardrobe from the most relevant designers. It turned out that Julia is experiencing difficulties in choosing outfits for… magnificent forms, but rather because of the bust. Says Proskuryakova, modern designers produce clothes for girls of model type, i.e. with a minimum size of the Breasts.

“The presence of the breast is a disaster! More or less pretty good shirt brands created models only for boys type without the breast. My clothing size 42-44 (S/M): and in the shoulders and in the hips, and in all other parts of the shirt sit perfectly, but in the chest… they just don’t add up. I have a question for the designers, many good designers I read here: why don’t you create clothing for women not the model parameters? — complains Julia. — Why does a woman with natural breast size should regret that she did she has. Please create a line of clothing (especially my favorite childhood shirts) for women with normal “whipped” body type, because we have a lot of… and we also want to dress up! (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. ed.)”

By the way, Yulia, in her speech stressed that her breast is natural “origin.” Many of her friends, according to Proskuryakova, jealous of her. And she, though proud of her figure, is experiencing because of her great discomfort.

It is curious that the same problems at the time suffered and Alena Vodonaeva. The star of “House-2” has solved this problem by surgery have made cosmetic surgery for breast reduction. But Anna Semenovich, which is also a problem with the selection of clothes for curvy bust, found another way. The singer sews clothes at a shop to order for their standards.