Эксклюзив: Денис Матросов раскрыл имя младшего сына
Today, little Fyodor, exactly a month.

Эксклюзив: Денис Матросов раскрыл имя младшего сына

Denis Matrosov and Olga Golovina

Photo: Facebook Denis Matrosov

Today, on the international children’s day, Denis Matrosov notes
several holidays. Along with the stars of the First channel he now takes
participation in the charitable action “Become the first”, which takes place on the summer
the stage of the legendary House of pioneers on the Sparrow hills. But the most important reasons
for joy, Denis is still associated with the family. The younger son Matrosova 1 Jun turned
the first month. And just today, the actor and his bride Olga Golovina declassified
the name of the baby.

“We called the beloved son Fyodor,” — said 7days.ru Sailors. That was the name of the grandfather of the actor, in his honor the Sailors and called the youngest son. In Greek the name is translated as “God”.

To congratulate little brother come home tonight 4-year-old Ivan
Matrosov (the son of actor from Maria Kulikova). “Ivan wants is Fedi blow out a candle
on the cake,” shared Dennis. The actor admitted that Ivan is very fond of
brother and became friends with Olga Golovina.

Denis Matrosov and Olga Golovin and his son Fedor

Photo: @matrosovdenis (Facebook Denis Matrosov)

With the mother of the little Sailors while Fedor is
a civil marriage. The wedding of Olga and they are going to play a little later. Meantime
all their power is given to the care of the baby. Denis, despite his intense
schedule, finds time for walks with his sons.

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