Анджелина Джоли потратила миллионы евро на новый дом
Star the family moved to Spain.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became recently known that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt got a new property outside of America and going
hold here much of the time.

The actress and her husband with the help of his
friend the real estate agent picked up for himself a house in Spain, or rather in Mallorca. As
told organized for the bride this purchase Alessandro Proto, brad
just fell in love with the region after starring in his last film “5 seconds
silence”, the shooting of which was completed recently. In the new mansion, which the couple
posted 3.4 million euros, enough space for a large family pitt:
themselves and six children of the star couple. The house has eight bedrooms, and
the extensive garden surrounding the house, a large swimming pool.

According to friends of the spouses, it is here
Angelina and brad are going to work to overcome their family crisis.
After all, as has been reported, the relations between Jolie and pitt began
very tense. First, a contribution made Angelina: she moved two
a difficult operation was clearly reflected in the condition of the nervous system actress. In
the end, she tortured her husband’s sudden change of mood and unreasonable
tantrums. And then “tried” and pitt, who gave occasion for gossip about their
infidelities (c Marion Cotillard and Lizzy Caplan), alleged
on the set of his latest movie.

However, the couple combines so many things that they set out to do everything they can
to overcome the problems encountered in the relationship.

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