Megan Fox is thinking about adopting a child

Меган Фокс задумалась об усыновлении ребенка
The actress said that, according to astrological predictions, she’ll have four children.

Megan Fox


Now Megan Fox has two sons Noah and Bodhi, born from the marriage with her husband Brian Austin green. And in April of this year, the actress announced her third
pregnancy and went to celebrate this pleasant surprise to Hawaii with her husband, which until recently was going to get a divorce.

“You know, we are still in
the process of discussion and settlement of our relations, — said Megan But I’m happy again
are expecting a baby. I don’t even want to know the sex. Most importantly, the baby was
healthy. I have always, since childhood, dreamed of becoming a mother. And until I gave birth to her first son, not
calmed down, rushed and often created the impression of a raving person. Only having become at last the mother, I learned to see the world very differently.
Our second baby is even more instilled in me the confidence that motherhood is
my main purpose”.

Megan Fox said that involved in astrology, and according to the forecast, she may have four children. The actress did not rule out that she may adopt a child.

“I confess that I think about it,” shared Fox. — My best friend is going
to adopt a child, but I have not yet taken such a decision, so it is
responsible. ‘ve got a lot to think about and understand about herself. I want to be sure that if you take on
responsibility for the child, he will be surrounded with love and care and
will get good education. Parenting
it’s a big responsibility. It is important to find a balance so all children feel
members of the same family in the same way”.

Full interview with Megan Fox here.

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