EXCLUSIVE: Bondarchuk receiving congratulations on the addition to the family

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Бондарчук принимает поздравления с пополнением в семье
The niece of the film Director gave birth to a son.

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ: Бондарчук принимает поздравления с пополнением в семье

Natalya Bondarchuk and her daughter Maria burljaeva

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Fyodor Bondarchuk


In kinodynamic Bursevich and Bondarchuk replenishment. The
the youngest family member was born just a few hours ago. Maria burljaeva — daughter Natalia
Bondarchuk and Nikolai burljaeva — gave birth to a son.

“Again became a grandmother. Mary gave birth in Moscow. The boy was born
yesterday in 14 hours and 45 minutes. It weighs 3800 grams, height — 51 cm”,
— told 7days.ru Natalia Sergeevna. Recall that the elder sister of Theodore
Bondarchuk — two children (son Ivan and a daughter, Mary) and five grandchildren.

Almost up to the birth of Maria burljaeva helped his
mother to create an International film school named after Sergei Bondarchuk. All
members of the famous family support the memory of the outstanding Director.

It is curious that about their first days on earth Natalya Bondarchuk says:
“It is symbolic that, when his parents brought me home from the hospital, “settled” in a suitcase.
They would want to immediately buy me a nice crib, but it was not possible —
the war had just ended, hard, people lived very modestly. In the same suitcase I
carried to the balcony “walk”, and that was my first time… Later
only one “Solaris” I have traveled to 50 countries…”