Nikita Presnyakov took Alain Krasnov from Russia

Никита Пресняков увез Алену Краснову из России The couple staged their honeymoon. Earlier Nikita admitted that he had no time to get a honeymoon, as he is scheduled rehearsals on Aug. However, the artist managed to find a few days and fly abroad with his beloved wife.
Никита Пресняков увез Алену Краснову из России

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova were United together in marriage on July 27. The couple had not planned to go on a honeymoon because he had a lot of work. The leader of the group Multiverse to take part in the musical “the Seagull”, which put the South Korean Director of the Sik Kang. The premiere is scheduled for September 7.

The guys went to Cyprus, where in August the weather is hot. Like many other young travelers, Alena and Nikita have chosen the resort of Ayia NAPA, which is famous for its entertainment and clubs. The husband and wife settled in a five star hotel which costs from 28 thousand rubles. The hotel is located on the sandy beach of Nissi Bay. Tourists can use the services of a Spa and health club. Restaurants and bars offer cuisine for every taste, which is very important for Presnyakov: the young man doesn’t eat meat.

In the microblog Alena there was a short clip where a girl showed how she and her husband are enjoying fruity cocktails on the Mediterranean sea. Other details about the rest of the couple has not yet reported.

Meanwhile, on the official Youtube channel of Nikita released a video in which he showed how was his bachelor party, and shared movies with the procedure of the bride. Fans happily took the vlog of the guy, noting the good installation. Nikita and Alena are still receiving congratulations with the wedding. The young man admitted that he and darling – monogamous, so not afraid to get married at such an early age.

“I am ready to go with Alice’s life”: the first interview with Nikita Presnyakov after the wedding

“I’m willing to live with Alice’s life! I never had a goal more girls to seduce. Many friends, friends – of both women and men have been 40-50 partners. My whole life can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I would never just make out with a girl with no lack of strong feelings and emotions. I see no reason not to be with Alice until the bitter old age! Over the disagreements, problems, you need to work. And live this even more interesting”, – told Presnyakov in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.