«Точь-в-точь»: В школе Виталий Гогунский пародировал учителей July 14, Vitaly Gogunsky celebrates fortieth anniversary. Each actor spoke about how he’s already in school showed creativity and was a real soul of any company.
«Точь-в-точь»: В школе Виталий Гогунский пародировал учителей

The star of the series “Univer” on 14 July marks 40 years. Gogunsky has admitted: “For your success I am grateful to my parents!” Vitaly is proud of how he was brought up from childhood inspired rule of life – not afraid of any work. The first salary he received, sitting as a cleaner in the mail. It did not bother dirty work, but in the 12 years he has felt the taste of money… According to classmates celebrities, respected him for this obstinacy and courage. However, none of the comrades in the party did not expect that he will be glorified all over the country.


«Точь-в-точь»: В школе Виталий Гогунский пародировал учителей“Gogunskiy we met at the Kremenchuk Lyceum No. 4. Both had moved in the 10th grade and have chosen a physical and mathematical direction – says “StarHit” Andrew Zbirnik. – When I saw it for the first time, I thought: “wow, what the sports guy”. He was quite strong and a little shy. Approached him to say Hello. It turned out the acne, like me, was fond of football. This theme us closer together. Hours can discuss what they saw on TV the matches and players. Later enrolled in a section. Gogunsky was a great linebacker on the field. In the 11th grade and even won first place at the city championship.”

In addition to sports, the future artist studied with enthusiasm the music. Therefore, if the class was scheduled some event, everyone knew: Giganskogo call must!

“Vitali played the guitar and piano, often played on stage – continues Andrew. – Not without his participation and discos. At parties he flowed right into the crowd, lit up like last time. Why should he be ashamed? He attended the circle of ballroom dancing, knew how to move. Girls always revolved around him, and we have in class was not enough. But he was thinking more about studies, not about Dating. However, the botanist was not, although in the diary sported straight a’s and b’s. However, teachers did not allow him to finish school with a gold medal as I am. But he wasn’t worried about it. But I for physics teacher, who slapped a single Quartet in the certificate, was upset. This item I loved and assignments are always passed on time. Remember, Gogunsky, seeing that my mood is at zero, started to laugh. A physicist was often stuttered, Vitaly it parodied. Was very believable, but without malice, kind. In General, each often copied the behavior of people. He was sitting at the same Desk with her class. The neighbor was a clumsy, big-eared and very funny said. Thanks to him, and he began to portray others. Than not acting?”
«Точь-в-точь»: В школе Виталий Гогунский пародировал учителей


«Точь-в-точь»: В школе Виталий Гогунский пародировал учителей

According to Zbernica, the abundance of entertainment that time did not differ, they had to invent himself.

“We in Ukraine are the Dnieper river and around the Islands. We went out on a fishing trip with an overnight stay, says the friend of a celebrity. – Buy products shoved in backpacks tents for a few days and go camping. I loved to sit with a fishing rod and make kebabs in the fresh air. I think our generation was much more independent then, than now; that is why parents us not particularly worried. We with Vitaliy was a modest teenagers, although the class was considered, as is now fashionable to say, “God.” With us he taught the children of teachers and local government representatives. But that we had no effect: dressed normally above the head can not jump. Remember Gogunskiy went to each other’s homes for the holidays. In stores deficiency, gifts, especially not to buy. Got out heartfelt, touching speeches, and nobody was offended!”

Andrew and Vitaly have been friends for over 20 years. “We schools the boy loved the art of Tsoi – says friend’s party. – To be honest, I forgot about it. Recently celebrated 40th anniversary, went to social networks to look at congratulations. Looking from Vitalik received a message. He redid the song rock star, performed it himself with the new text. Surprise from my childhood, count! Now we see each other rarely, usually only call. Of course, I wish he somehow found time and visited the school, because before, he never missed a reunion. For me acne was the same guy from our yard, he just got lucky. And I’m proud of his victories!”