Последняя жена тяжелобольного Игоря Старыгина спасла ему жизнь Nine years ago, became legendary Aramis – actor Igor Starygin. Then the beloved artist would die alone, but fate gave him a meeting with Catherine, who became his fifth wife and graced the last years of his life.
Последняя жена тяжелобольного Игоря Старыгина спасла ему жизнь

Igor Starygin was married four times and four times divorced by the time I met Catherine Tabachnikova. Last love appeared in the artist’s life in 2000, she came to visit him at work — photo editor Katya collected material, Starygin pictures for publication, and was astonished at how poor and lonely lives the legend of the Soviet cinema.

This was the widow of the artist told in the program of the TV channel Russia-1 “hi, Andrew!”, the issue was dedicated wives sex symbols of the silver screen.

“When we first met he was a sex symbol retired, he looked very bad, he had atherosclerosis, he could not walk. He had endured five operations, he was cleaning the vessels. I began to come to him, cook meals for a week, to care. Then he three times said, well, we in the registry office-it will go? Well, we went,” said Catherine Tabachnikova.
Последняя жена тяжелобольного Игоря Старыгина спасла ему жизнь

Widow Starygin admits that between them was not love at first sight. Real, deep feeling came after Igor and Ekaterina began to live together. The wedding took place in 2006 in Moscow. Three years later Starygin did not, he was only 63 years old. Tabachnikova worried the departure of her husband, and still speaks of him with tears in his eyes.

“I don’t know how I was able to give him happiness. But I let him live out his remaining nine years with dignity. It worked, was to look good. And when he was buried, I had a feeling that the star arrived in her hands, and now and flew back,” says Tabachnikova.
Последняя жена тяжелобольного Игоря Старыгина спасла ему жизнь

The actor was very fond of a wife who cared for him until his last days. The very same Catherine recognizes that an incredibly proud husband. Living with a star screen wasn’t always easy, but now she recalls the time with pale sadness.

We will remind that Igor Starygin was born and raised in Moscow, studied at the Russian University of Theatre arts, starred in 40 films. One of his first works in the film — the role of Bones batishcheva in the cult “Live till Monday” — was opened by a young Igor door in a big movie. Later she worked in “the Adjutant of his Excellency”, “Red and black” and “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, made Starygin absolute star.

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