Бывшая жена Пригожина заявила, что он неоднократно жаловался ей на детей Валерии

Iosif Prigozhin long is happy with his current wife Valeria, but last life in recent times. Daughter Danae brought his father to this state when I’m ready to, but now I have come through ex-wife of producer Helena.

The woman gave a great interview, where he spoke about the fact that her ex complained about children Valerie, who always set an example.

“A couple of years ago he called me and complained about the family of Valerie, her children. Said: “how did they get me, no strength”. Was on edge. And now the children write my Danochka that she was “embarrassed their beautiful family,” said Elena, adding that now with Joseph they do not bind and no contact they do not support, “I don’t talk to him. He thinks I’m an alcoholic, a prostitute, blames the fact that I set the children against him. It’s all a lie, which I don’t want to participate. He calls the children only when something happened, and I just sends threats to “close the Dan mouth” when she tries to give interviews in the media. We shame. And he treats us like non-humans”.

Elena says that the attitude of Joseph to his own children has changed after he began communicating with Valeria. According to the woman, before his new love Prigogine tries to curry favor, while children do not care about him: “once in his life there was, he was. Cold. As if ashamed of us. Children health problems – they do not hear, the son of a poor speaker. It’s probably contrary to his image of “perfect family man”. There was such case: when Dana was 8 years old, he took her with him and the family of Valeria to relax by the sea. She was a little girl, she took it without asking the lipstick of his mother in law, mother Valerie, and ruined it. Such shouting. He called me screaming that this thief, that I brought her up like that. I say: fear God, it’s a kid, she’s not out of malice. A son for him does not mean anything”.

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