Ex-wife of Tarasova on vocals Buzova: “she has the voice of a sick person”

Экс-супруга Тарасова о вокале Бузовой: «У нее голос больного человека» Oksana Osinkin said that following the work of the presenter. According to the ex-lover of a famous football player and mother of his daughter, angelina, Olga Buzova workaholic, which takes amazing videos. However, Oksana believes that the star have something to aim for in terms of the singing.
Экс-супруга Тарасова о вокале Бузовой: «У нее голос больного человека»

Oksana Osinkin – ex-wife of midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, the mother of his eight-year-old daughter angelina. On the “Instagram” of a young woman signed by more than 14 thousand people. Recently she decided to get in touch with the followers and answer their questions.

Many users of social networks interested in the opinion of Oksana about the current darling football player Anastasia Kostenko, but she chose to refrain from making any comments about it.

Экс-супруга Тарасова о вокале Бузовой: «У нее голос больного человека»“I beg of you not to ask questions about the new love Dima,” Osinkin said.

Other subscribers Oksana was asked what she thinks about the songs of Olga Buzova. Presenter actively conquering the music scene and released one hit after another, and soon will be released her debut solo album. Osinkin said that she likes the activities Buzova. However, there is one point which says Oksana, spoils the impression from the songs of the stars.

“I have no OLE, no offense, quite the contrary. About the last song Oli – I liked the clip, she’s beautiful in a red hat, she’s good. But she has the voice of a man who is ill with sinusitis. Well, sorry, guys. Treating her well, but the voice it is necessary to tighten… I Olga not hurt, she’s fine, only the voice it is necessary to tighten… Yes, Olga star. No, I won’t talk to her, but watching her work,” said the young woman.

In March Oksana Osinkin quite sharply spoke about the divorce of the famous TV presenter, so her words surprised the users of social networks. Then a former lover of the football player asked whether it was true that her husband cheated on her with Olga Buzova.

“That’s ancient history, is totally not interesting to me. I think all clearly and so. My life will not change, and someone can hopelessly fail the PR concept of the great universal suffering and “injustice” of fate. So let’s leave this question unanswered,” wrote Oksana in one of social networks a few months ago.

We will note that Olga Buzova no stranger to violent discussions of her activities in show business. The star not only has a loyal army of fans, but many haters, who don’t stop judging and criticizing. Olga recently surprised the audience with a provocative image on the prize Music Box. A celebrity appeared on the red carpet in a sheer jumpsuit, which was a surprise to the actress and presenter Yana Poplavskaya. Yana Poplavskaya compare Olga Buzova with a woman from a brothel