Keira Knightley threw him a party at the school of magic

Константин Хабенский устроил сыну вечеринку в школе магии People’s artist congratulated Ivan on the important date. Child of Konstantin Khabensky was ten years old. On this occasion the boy’s father gave him a journey into the universe of Harry Potter. Ivan and his many friends were delighted with themed parties.
Константин Хабенский устроил сыну вечеринку в школе магии

Monday, September 25, the son of Konstantin Khabensky, Ivan birthday. The boy was ten years old. On this occasion, the actor has decided to give the boy a party, which was held over the weekend at one of the restaurants located in the center of Moscow. The organisation of the festival was the Agency, working with many celebrities – Stas Mikhailov, Keti Topuria, Tatyana Navka and others. By the way, one of the senior positions in the company is the star of the series “Streets of broken lamps” Michael Trukhin, Institute friend Konstantin Khabensky.

Apparently, the son of actor keen on the works of JK Rowling. “And You have already received a letter from Hogwarts? Ivan Khabensky with his father, Konstantin Khabensky yesterday not only made it to this magical place, but managed to spread across all known faculties, to explore the world of magic and glory to have fun with friends,” said the decorator of celebration.

Константин Хабенский устроил сыну вечеринку в школе магии

To recreate the atmosphere of the fictional world of books popular English writer needed decorations, banners and beautiful costumes of fairytale characters.

“Believe in miracles! They happen! Yesterday worked wonders for Vanya Knightley! Thank you Kostya and Vanya for your trust!” – wrote one of the organizers of the event in social networks.

At the party, Ivan gathered his many friends. The kids had a great time, solving charades and taking part in exciting quests together with the animators. In the midst of the celebration, the boys showered colorful confetti.

Keira Knightley posed willingly for sharing pictures from the event. Many have found that the actor is a simple and very pleasant to talk to.

“Sunday had a chance to shoot at the birthday party of the son of Konstantin Khabensky, Ivan Khabensky. Always respected the work of Constantine, and then managed to sit down. Very nice man… And what voice and tone…” – said photographer Ilya in his microblog.

One of the party guests was singer Diana Arbenina, who has long been friends with a famous artist. In the spring of Konstantin Khabensky invited performer at the opening of his art Studio, and in the fall she was pleased with his young son Ivan with their attention and nice gifts. A singer has to her children.

“Good morning, country! John Knightley – our little Prince – happy birthday!” – said Arbenina in one of the social networks.

Followers of Diana joined her congratulations and wished all the best Ivan. “Wow”, “Cool”, “Badass anniversary”, “Disco”, “Drown in the tinsel – what could be better?”, “Fabulous”, “wow”, “Let him luck in life!”, “Super” – discussed the users of social networks.