Бывшая жена Олега Табакова разорвала связи с дочерью Lyudmila Krylova said, how are her relationships with family. Yesterday it was reported that the first wife of Oleg Tabakov allegedly missed the farewell and funeral. According to her, she had not talked to him.
Бывшая жена Олега Табакова разорвала связи с дочерью

March 12, did not become a Director and actor Oleg Tabakov. The actor passed away after a long illness. On Thursday in the theatre named after Chekhov, the ceremony of farewell with the famous artist. As noted, among friends and relatives who came to see Oleg Pavlovich, was not his wife. Later, however, the employees of the First channel stated that it is still present among the guests.

It is known that the actress of “Sovremennik” theatre has ceased to communicate with her ex-husband when he left the family. In recent years, they haven’t talked.

“Nothing you don’t want to talk, but with Tabakov I long ago ceased to communicate. Thought the new family out,” – commented on the news of his death Krylov.

Recall that Ludmilla really wanted to get acquainted with Oleg Tabakov. In the late 50’s while working on the film “road House”, the woman managed to meet the famous Director. Their relationship developed rapidly.

Four days after they met, she moved into a rented room theatre in the centre of the capital. In 1960, the couple had a son Anton. And in 1968 Lyudmila gave her husband a daughter. They had been married many years before Oleg Pavlovich was not fond of Marina Suginoi, who was a student in his course. In 1994, the tobacco left the family.

Anton was able to forgive my father in a few years, however, Sasha turned inward and stopped to chat with Oleg Pavlovich. Friends saw how hard she went through a parental divorce. Tobacco itself admitted in an autobiographical film that was never established relations with the eldest daughter.

Oleg Tabakov refuses to talk about the eldest daughter

As noted by Krylov, now she doesn’t even know what she’s doing to her successor.

“What about Alexandra I can not say anything, I don’t know where she is at the moment. A long time messing with her. She has her own life, and I have mine. Also, as the granddaughter of Pauline. I feel normal, for his age,” – said Lyudmila Ivanovna.

Krylov hinted that recently experienced financial difficulties. It is unknown whether her children.

“In the theater paid a little. Those who are shot, play a lot, get more is normal. And I rarely get at least 50 thousand rubles”, – said the actress to the portal elentur.com.ua.