Звезда «Холостяка» откровенно рассказала о своей патологии In the new season of the TNT project Alice Liss wins the heart Yegor creed. The girl told the social media about albinism, because of which she suffers from several health problems. In addition, Alice has answered the rumors about the desire to attract attention due to the unusual appearance.
Звезда «Холостяка» откровенно рассказала о своей патологии

Last week on TNT started showing the new series “the Bachelor,” whose main character was Egor Krid. Among the contenders for the heart of the artist was 33-year-old model-albino Alice Liss. One of the most spectacular girls of the season made an impression on Yegor, sharing touching story of his life. At the ceremony, rose Alice was the cherished flower of the first.

After the premiere of the show Liss began to receive questions from viewers. Fans of the show asks the girl to tell more about yourself. Alice hastened to reply in social networks.

“Look, there was a lot of controversy on the topic of my albinism, so the first post about myself I decided to dedicate this issue. Unfortunately, few people know that there are many types of albinism like any mutation, it has different degrees and types, – said the girl. – Don’t want to bore you with stories about all at once, so let’s essence. Yes, there are albino, completely lacking pigment, is the most severe form of the disease, and it in addition comes a whole list of diseases and problems. I was lucky, and I am the owner easier and less spectacular in the kind of shape”.

According to the participants of the TV show, the doctors diagnosed her glutaconyl albinism 1 In HCA 1V. Alice led a scientific article in which stands for her diagnosis. Then she decided to explain the genetic abnormalities in simple words.

“It’s very simple – a child is born white but darkens with age, accumulating in the skin and hair, and the iris pigment, and externally begins to resemble an ordinary person. It happened to me, I’m less different from ordinary people, however, it was not so much because I loved to change the images,” says the model.

Alice painted to look the same as in childhood. At the same time when Liss was little, it made my hair a shade darker. In the Sunny season the girl fade eyebrows and eyelashes. According to the model, it is difficult to wash concealer and mascara.

“I use balm for eyelashes to add brightness to the pictures. The shade of hair I like to change from silver to gold, sometimes even pink. On me is perfect for holding any paint. Eye problems lenses I decide, sometimes, if you are not lazy, wear glasses. But the problem of going out in the sun cream with SPF 80. It can be bought at any pharmacy. Sometimes dabble in a bronzer, especially in the summer, not to go pink,” said the girl.

Because of the complex genetic pathology childhood Alice was held under the supervision of doctors. Answering questions from subscribers, the model admitted that she began to perceive albinism as a highlight only at the age of 28 years. Some social media users accused of Liss the desire to be promoted at the expense of their appearance.

“My childhood medical records were as thick as “War and peace”. You don’t want. Opinion is opinion and attention around me has always been enough, so look for him with the disease would be redundant,” said the model.