Сергей Юрский: великий талант и неземная любовь Today the people’s artist was 83 years old. The talent of Sergei Yursky is evident not only on the stage or the silver screen, but in writing.
Сергей Юрский: великий талант и неземная любовь

Sergey Yursky was born in Leningrad to a musical family: his mother was a music teacher and his father worked as an actor and Director in various theaters of the USSR. Family – after the main family had to frequently move from place to place. In the end a small Sergei had to live in Leningrad, and Saratov, and in Andijan. But most of the childhood and adolescence of the Jurassic held in Moscow, where after the great Patriotic war, his father got a job as a Director of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

At first, the boy was inspired by circus arts and wanted to follow in the footsteps of Pope in this region. A little growing up, Sergei changed his mind and decided to become an actor, what parents of a young man not very happy. The future actor was waiting for the next move to Leningrad, the end of school and admission to the faculty of law at the local College. In parallel with the study of the jurisprudence of the Jurassic began playing in the student theatre, after discovering acting talent.

After the speeches, the student invariably surrounded by a loving and enthusiastic audience. The young man realized that this is his calling. And soon decided to give up studying law. Going against the will of his parents, he enrolled in the Leningrad theatrical University and began to improve his talent.

“It seems to me, stands out not only in the acting world but in the world in principle. Such is the man. Itself – the whole world is talking about at least a number of professions. Even though they are related, but still different,” – says about his father Darya Jurassic.
Сергей Юрский: великий талант и неземная любовь

Already in the second year the boy began to receive offers from the Directors of all the major theaters. And the first scene for the actor was the stage of the Bolshoi drama theatre. Career abruptly went up the hill, the artist was invited to the movies. Widely known Sergey Yuryevich brought the role of Ostap Bender in the movie “the Golden calf”. Success was deafening, the Jurassic has become the idol of millions.

As a vocation, her true love Jurassic only been able to find the second time. His first wife Zinaida sharko the actor met at the Bolshoi theatre. Sergei was at the time an aspiring actor, Devin – one of the leading Actresses. During rehearsals the young people felt some connection between them broke novel. Before formalizing relations is not reached: the couple decided to just live together.

Jurassic and Charcot were together for seven years. All this time they actually were a family, the actor was a son of Zinaida from his first marriage. They have improved their living conditions, adding a room Sergey already had Charcot apartment. But one day Jurassic confessed that he loved another woman – Natalya Tenyakova…

Natasha and actor met on the set. She is a student that waited for glory, and he, on the contrary, already famous and popular. For Natalia it was love at first sight, but Sergei did not notice the girl… the Love of a celebrity was so strong that Tenyakova hastened to break off relations with her husband for an actress was impossible to live with one and love another.

Сергей Юрский: великий талант и неземная любовь“For the first time parents met on the set of a picture “Big cat tale.” “Here, Sergey, Natasha Will work with you,” he presented the mother of the Jurassic. He said only: “Very nice,” and kissed the hand… So at first glance, the mother and disappeared. But no affair began, because both of my future parents at that time were not free”, – says Darya, the daughter of Sergei Yursky and Natalya Tenyakova.

On the set of their affair was not destined to begin. Sergey paid attention to his future wife only after she began to play at the Bolshoi drama theater.

The actors signed. And for more than fifty years of living together. Three years after the wedding in a family of actors daughter was born, which has continued an acting dynasty. And soon the family had to leave his hometown and move to Moscow.

Colleagues on to the stage to say that the artist is always very closed: not covered about his personal life, very rarely gives interviews and makes public appearances only on the job. It is known that Sergey is the title of not only folk artist but beloved grandfather, his two grandchildren: George and Alex. Their mother Darya Jurassic can be seen on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow art theater. As for the creativity of the birthday boy, the audience can enjoy the talent of Sergei Yursky in the Metropolitan theater Mossovet.