Бывшая жена Джонни Деппа больше не скрывает свои отношения с женщиной

Бывшая жена Джонни Деппа больше не скрывает свои отношения с женщиной

The ex-wife of Hollywood actor johnny Depp no longer hiding his relationship with a woman. Recently amber heard came to the protest with his lover, which, incidentally, is currently struggling with breast cancer. Before amber became the wife of johnny Depp she stated openly that has biseksualnye orientation.

After a loud divorce with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” which continues to this day, amber decided to go out with his new sweetheart. It was a 38-year-old Bianca Buti, which is a film-maker and decorator-painter. The first public presentation went well, the women in the audience looked very happy.

The lovers took part in the announced protest actions of women, which was held in Los Angeles. Bianca, as amber’s long been a feminist, she has always advocated the equality of the sexes. That is why women are unable to skip the protest, they, along with the rest of participants marched the streets of Los Angeles in the Women’s March. Present photographers managed to capture an image of a celebrity to hold hands, smile and gently hug each other.

It is worth mentioning that litigation between johnny Depp and amber is still going on. The actor has filed a petition with the court on ex-wife for damages, because according to him the herd was cheating on him throughout the marriage. Amber, in turn, sued in the court compensation in the amount of seven million dollars for physical violence. Johnny, in his defence said that his ex-wife specially painted bruises on the body to give them a beating.

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