Джастина Бибера выгнали из спортзала по просьбе Тейлор Свифт

Джастина Бибера выгнали из спортзала по просьбе Тейлор Свифт

30-year-old American singer Taylor swift, who for 10 years has earned more than $ 800 million, maximum likes to focus on the achievements of the goals. Included in this list and athletic performance, it is important that every training session was held in ideal conditions.

Taylor can’t stand, so during training it someone threw your eyes, so she prefers to rent fully room. During class there is only she and her personal trainer.

The singer visits the gym in West Hollywood. Last week was a bit of a curiosity. Whether the administrators of a sports complex made a mistake, whether Taylor was at an unplanned time. We only know that the singer came to the training, and the hall was crowded with visitors. Swift was furious and employees of the sports complex had to solve this problem.

The receptionist politely asked the customers to leave the premises, and no one objected, except one visitor. They became the Justin Bieber. The singer found out for some reason, he is asked to leave the room, and began very slowly to gather his things, hearing a favorite song, he decided to dance in front of the mirror, and after taking a few photos on the background of trainers. When patience Taylor is over, Justin almost got kicked out of the sports hall.

This misunderstanding occurred because of an old feud between two celebrities. The first altercation happened at a time when Justin began his relationship with Selena Gomez. Taylor is Selena’s friend and she was against the Union, claiming that Bieber is cheating on Gomez constantly. And in the fall of 2019, misunderstandings escalated into a personal insult because of the antics of Justin.

In October of 2019 Taylor has had a difficult surgery for vision correction. In a definite moment, she almost didn’t see anything. One day the mother of the singer filmed her secretly on camera and posted the video on the Internet. The video shows how swift is upset because of the fact that tore not the banana that I wanted. Due to the lack of full eyesight, she was unable to touch to select the desired fruit. The celebrity mom didn’t think the man who scoffs at her daughter.

Justin liked this video, he found it funny. Conducting a direct stream on the social network Instagram, Bieber tore off a banana and began to shout the phrase, “Oh no, it’s not that banana, he’s got no head!”. And then took a position as swift in the video. Fans of the singer began to write angry comments, but Justin did not react. But for the behavior of the singer apologized to his current wife Hailey Baldwin. She made a public apology to Taylor and explained why her husband had behaved.

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