Ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov controls its communication with daughter

Бывшая жена Дмитрия Тарасова контролирует его общение с дочкой At the moment the player is on sports training abroad, but this does not prevent him regularly to make contact with the heiress. According to the ex-wife Oksana Tarasova, a girl always look forward to the call of the Pope.

      Footballer Dmitry Tarasov is a sports camp, so there is no possibility personally to communicate with my daughter from the first marriage of angelina. But the athlete misses the heiress, so he calls the little girl almost every night via the video app. Tarasov showed his followers how the girl is happy when she sees and hears it. Apparently, the conversation with angelina was controlled by her mother, Oksana.

      Ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov does not forbid him to spend time with the child. A young woman moved by, like a angelina gets on well with dad, and admits that he fails to properly educate a girl.

      “Fathers and children”. Conversation before bedtime. Very tired after training and wants to sleep but is always waiting for daddy’s call,” said Oksana, laying out the screen.

      Tarasov loves the child and tries in every way to pamper heiress. When a player’s divorce with Oksana, he promised that her daughter will not be anything left out. In the microblog the athlete often publishes pictures with angelina. “Everyone has a purpose, one of them family, so that was like a citadel, as a powerful armor. So every day, among the family from beginning to end, the hearth was warm, the evening is quiet and in unison of the heart. And the joy of life — the laughter of children, for us — the soul dawn, because children is our success and for the family blessed light!” touching signed one of the frames the player.

      Followers Tarasova think that the daughter adopted some of the features of the athlete. “Very similar! Pretty little”, “Good girl,” “Kids are angels”, “Copy daddy”, “Well-that father and daughter have a contact!” – wrote the social network users.

      Many have suggested that the second marriage of Dmitry Tarasova broke up because of the fact that his wife Olga Buzova was not ready for offspring, and the athlete really wanted to be a father. “The granddaughter told me that Dima asked the children, this topic is raised. But Olga wanted to have a career. I was advised to stop, build a house, have a baby, and then continue to go up the career ladder. But she was not ready for children,” recalled the grandmother TV presenter Tamara. Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”