Relatives of Sergey Tkachenko clarify the circumstances of his death

Близкие Сергея Ткаченко прояснили обстоятельства его гибели According to relatives, the DJ had not planned to jump out the window. The former owner of the famous Moscow club couldn’t hold on to the ledge and flew down. Native Tkachenko confirmed that a few minutes before, he had quarreled with his girlfriend Maria Radul’.

      Friends and acquaintances continue to leave words of condolences on the page, Sergey Tkachenko, the former owner of the Metropolitan club, and former soloist popular in 90-e of “Tete-a-tete”. The man died over the weekend. DJ fell from the 17th floor of a tall building, located on Shmitovsky.

      In mass media there was information that a few minutes before the tragedy, Sergey and his wife Mary Radul ‘ had a quarrel. The girl confirmed that they had a conflict. Many social media users accused the beloved Tkachenko that she was unable to save him, but the fragile girl was not easy to get back in the apartment of a man who was barely holding on to a cold windowsill with his bare hands. The girl former owner of Soho Rooms blamed for his death

      Sergey’s family could no longer keep silent. They have placed an appeal to the public, which explained in detail how it all happened. According to them, Tkachenko was not going to commit suicide.

      “On the morning of 29 January in the apartment of Sergei Tkachenko was a quarrel between him and his girlfriend in which he defended the innocence and feelings for his beloved. In a rush he jumped on the sill of one of the rooms, where, by a terrible coincidence, had the window open. Not deducting the balance, Sergei was on the other side of the window, but managed to grab the frame. Sergei kept outdoors in temperatures below 5 degrees, attempted to climb in the window, but physical strength is not enough. After 10 minutes the hands of Sergei could not resist and his body fell down. What the outcome of these tragic events everyone already knows”, – the statement says.

      Meanwhile, the investigation continues to clarify details of the incident. According to experts, analyzed the situation, Sergei just wanted to scare the girl. Friends of the pair told me that between them at times there were heated debates, but differences were quickly settled.

      “Farewell to Sergei Tkachenko will take place on Wednesday Derbentskom cemetery. From the face of the family of the deceased request to stop the gossip and speculation that completely distort the actual events and discredit the name of an honest and a believer,” – said in an environment of the businessman.

      By the way, Maria Radul ‘ can not come to terms with the death of the beloved. On pages in social networks, the girl noted that will love him forever. “We’re always together,” wrote a friend Tkachenko, laid out a joint picture with the chosen one.