Бывшая жена Меладзе высказалась об Альбине Джанабаевой The ex-wife of musician long suspected the existence. Ex-wife Valeriy Meladze, Irina, for the first time gave a candid interview about how he lost his family happiness.

      Бывшая жена Меладзе высказалась об Альбине Джанабаевой

      The ex-wife of a famous musician Valery Meladze, Irina Meladze first decided to openly talk about the breakup with her ex-husband, who gave birth to three daughters. The couple officially divorced in 2014 after marriage more than twenty years.

      According to Irina Meladze, the pain caused by the collapse of the family, are still strong. And perhaps in order to subdue her, the woman decided to open confession. In interview to the program “Russian sensations” on NTV channel the former wife of Valery Meladze told about how has fought for spouse and as a result are unable to hold it. The conversation was Irina Meladze is not easy, she several times left the Studio, and then again came back. “This year ten years of this story. Want to make your point and move forward”, – explains his decision to tell the truth about the breakup with the famous husband Valeriy Meladze.

      “Valery told me that he has relationships on the side, even have a child. To the question “who”, he answered nothing. But it was 20 minutes to figure out who – said Irina Meladze. – I understand that Albina nervous too much. I did not understand the reasons of such behavior. There were other participants of this team, and they behaved quietly. But dzhanabaeva behaved very nervously. I saw that her eyes running, she blinks a lot, and I don’t quite understand the reason of such behavior. She stops when I come. When I began to recall in hindsight, everything became clear. I even, in my opinion, congratulations on the birth of the child. I was telling a story that supposedly had a boyfriend-a musician, a violinist of some Symphony orchestra… And I have reason to suspect her of anything.”

      Irina has got acquainted with Valery Meladze, when both were twenty years old, they married while still students. Raising three daughters, Irene knew her husband from gossip, and it was necessary to read his poems. “I knew something was going on. Admit, anything, except what had actually happened”.

      From articles in the media Irina learned that her husband had a new backing vocalist Albina dzhanabaeva, and then she disappeared and was reborn in the “viagra”. “I saw all these ladies treated them like older girlfriend, – Irina speaks. – The appearance of Albina in “viagra”, I was surprised, as probably many women in our country. Told her a good stylist”.

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