Сын Кейт Миддлтон зовет королеву Елизавету II «баба» The head of the British throne, loves to cuddle great-grandchildren. Kate Middleton spoke about the touching relationship of Elizabeth II to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

      Сын Кейт Миддлтон зовет королеву Елизавету II «баба»

      Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave the first television interview with British channel ITV, which talked about a special relationship that made her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte with their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

      According to her, the head of the British throne loves to pamper their little heirs and never forgets to do so pleasing the kids their gifts. “As soon as George and Charlotte come to visit the Elizabeth II , every morning, she leaves their room, small pleasant gifts, told Kate Middleton to journalists. Is just one of the few evidence of her strong love for family.” Princess Charlotte, which at the beginning of may turns a year old, still can not contact his famous great-grandmother, but copes with this Prince George – he was already two and a half years, the kid says well. “He calls the Queen of the Gan-Gan (BA-BA)”, – he added with a smile Kate Middleton.

      Told husband Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II was happy for the birth of the heirs of the Royal family. With special inspiration last year, she took the news that Kate is pregnant with a girl.

      Сын Кейт Миддлтон зовет королеву Елизавету II «баба»

      “The Queen was very happy when I learned that our family will be another Princess, continues Kate Middleton. – As soon as we arrived in Kensington with a newborn Charlotte, she was one of the first to visit us and saw granddaughter”.

      It is worth noting that this interview Kate Middleton gave for a documentary, which is dedicated to the upcoming 90th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. On TV screens it will show on 27 March, well before the announcement of the picture published to the press service of Kensington Palace. About Her Majesty in the film also told the princes Charles, William, Harry, Princess Eugene and Beatrice.

      It is noteworthy that the family of the British monarch is extremely popular not only in the UK. News about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs with interest get to know people living on different continents. But much love, of course, is the couple Kate Middleton and Prince William and their son and daughter. The public just loves to consider pictures of a happy family, and realizing this, Kate and William occasionally share staff, where they are sealed together.



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