Настя Каменских выпивает на работе To withstand large loads, the artist sometimes resorted to alcoholic stimulants. According to Nastya Kamenskih, it may give extra strength and help in dealing with stress.

      Настя Каменских выпивает на работе

      Everyone knows that artists can burn out during concert tours. When singers hosts performances every day, this is a very stressful situation. In addition, you need to constantly smile and give the audience a good feeling. Alcohol is one of the few dopes, which is relatively harmless and permitted by law. Recently popular singer Nastya Kamensky admitted to journalists that between some of the concerts she allowed herself a little drink, along with his partner Potapov.

      The tour, which told Nastya that happened last year. Then artists made almost round-the-world journey. Abroad they not only performed songs, but also studied local sights, eating exotic dishes (for example, in Australia, the children ate marine reptiles in a Chinese cafe), a lot of walking through the streets of unfamiliar cities and got all sorts of enjoyment of life.

      However, apparently, tour Potap and Nastya didn’t go as smoothly as one might think after viewing photographs of artists in social networks. Constant flights, change of time zones and concerts to people living in different countries affected the health of the stars.

      “We Potap experienced incredibly Grand tour: Germany, Australia, Israel, Canada, America and even Ireland. If you don’t drink, and mentally can not stand. You fly every day and you need to give a smile, and her nowhere to take, because you have no powers. Of course, drink” – said Kamensky in an interview with TV channel “1+1”.

      As for whether sober, she was categorical. According to Nastya, she don’t take kindly to this method of “recharging”. “My mother, a beautiful and good woman, comes in and says to me: “my Child, drink this and you’ll feel better”. Who likes to hangovers, pohmelyayus”, – explained his position the singer.

      Recall that in late February Potap and Nastya presented his new hit “Umami”. He tells us about the emotions of a young girl caught in a difficult life situation. To come out of her heroine helps parents. After conversations with loved ones she’s getting better, but the weather outside the window adjusts to the update – history occurs during the spring rains.

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