Ex-” “star factory “participant” Alexander Gurkova birth to her second child

Экс-«фабрикантка» Александра Гуркова родила второго ребенка The singer gave the wife a daughter. Alexander Gurkova was discharged from the perinatal center, and the house was a surprise for her, which produced a son and a husband. Fans rushed to congratulate the artist with the advent of her family, another baby.
Экс-«фабрикантка» Александра Гуркова родила второго ребенка

A few days ago, the graduate of the sixth season of “American idol” Alexander Gurkova, which now performs under the name Sasha Holiday, became a mother for the second time. However, it is not immediately shared his happy news with fans, and spoke about addition in the family after discharge from the perinatal center. As it turned out, the singer had a daughter who she, along with her husband, son of producer Victor Drobysh Valery, was named Maria.

The artist was delighted with how decorated the house for her arrival with the baby in the room hung a bunch of colored balloons and napoili kvaritru flowers.

“Hi, Mary. Here we are at home. In these shirts, I met friends in the hospital and took him home, and the house was just Ah! Husband, I have no words to thank you and to Express your love, everyone will tell you in your ear,” wrote Alexander.

Fans rushed to congratulate Gurkovo and her husband, an addition to the family. “Sasha, I congratulate you! Happiness and health to you and your family”, “I warmly congratulate! Let your little Princess is growing happy and healthy. Very nice”, “Sasha, I congratulate you on the birth of daughter. Let it grow a healthy and very happy girl. Enjoy every second,” wrote the followers of the artist.

Also, the couple have a son James, who in November will mark six years. Alexander shared with the expecting mothers their experiences of child rearing. She is of the opinion that the most important thing is to surround baby with love, not try to be perfect in everything. The former “star factory” participant Sasha Holiday: “there was a time when I was left alone, pregnant and without money”

“Do not try to do absolutely all manipulations with the child in the book. Because it is unrealistic. Relax. Do not confuse real concern with care. No one will remember in 20 years how many times you have washed the floor for the day ironed a mountain of diapers and stuff. I van tell you again now in anticipation of the appearance of a new family member, how to take care of him, I stood up, bathed, walked, he really likes. But the children will remember better if I snapped, yelled at and so on. And there does not matter – from exhaustion or something, it would not explain,” – said gorkova.