Ksenia Alferova on the appointment of Julia Vysotskaya: “Heroes “Wait for me” in safe hands”

Ксения Алферова о назначении Юлии Высоцкой: «Герои «Жди меня» будут в надежных руках» The former host of the program turned to the fans. On the eve it became known that Ksenia Alferova found a replacement. Now the Studio program will appear Yulia Vysotskaya, which cooperates with NTV for many years.
Ксения Алферова о назначении Юлии Высоцкой: «Герои «Жди меня» будут в надежных руках»

Recently “StarHit” it became known that the program “Wait for me” will not exit on the First channel and “move” on NTV. As it turned out, this resulted in other changes – the producers decided to replace the leading program. And if Alexander Galibina in August did not renew the contract, the fate of Ksenia Alferova in the project until recently remained unknown. Before it turned out that their places were taken by other people. Julia became the host of “Wait for me”

Fans were surprised by this news and waited for a reply from Xenia. The actress appealed to all fans of “Wait for me”. She expressed regret at parting with the audience and the entire team that worked on the creation of each edition of the project.

“It would be perverse to say that I am glad that I was in this program will be no more. Of course, I’m sad. Of course, I will miss meetings with fantastic characters, with talented, friendly and warm team, “Wait for me”, will miss this unique atmosphere that you feel while sitting at screens! But I think it’s the natural order of things! Everything flows, everything changes, a new experience appears new heights conquer, new people to meet!” – says Alferov.

She also thanked all those with whom she had to work. She admires the professionalism of journalists, editors and all technical staff. Xenia admitted that he learnt a lot from them.

Alferov appealed to the new host Yulia Vysotskaya, who took her place. She admitted that she did not know her personally. However, she does not doubt the professionalism of the wife of film Director Andrei Konchalovsky. According to the artist, she will be able to retain the unique atmosphere of the project.

“I’m glad the characters will be in safe hands. Because this is no ordinary program, that every time a piece of real life, difficult, controversial, someone’s grief, joy, hope. For all the heroes is always a challenge – being in the Studio, emptying his life on our court. Therefore, the problem leading to warm, to relax, to show genuine human interest, to support, to give these people a piece of their love, to share with them trouble or grief. It’s not about you program, and about them! I’m Julia, I personally do not know, but when you see the magazines with her interviews, always buy, I think this is one of the few in our media space people alive! She’s very wise, warm, bright, true! It is now a rarity! Congratulations Julia, congratulations to the team, “Wait for me”, we, the audience!” – wrote Ksenia.