Экс-ведущая «Орла и решки» Натали Неведрова легла под нож хирурга The blogger, who left the popular travel show, said that she had to undergo medical intervention. The operation lasted several hours. Now Natalie Nevedrova is recovering at home.

Natalie Nevedrova known to viewers thanks to the work of the program “heads and tails”, had a medical intervention. The young woman had rhinoplasty, the surgery took place on February 24. At first, blogger was hiding this information from the public, not wanting to attract too much attention. Only in early March, Natalie found the strength to talk to about what she had to endure.

According to Neverova, she decided to re-rhinoplasty. A few years ago Natalie was recommended to have surgery for medical reasons. The girl willingly went to meet the doctors, as it was not satisfied with the shape of the nose. However, after time Nevedrova began health problems. The blogger realized that you can no longer procrastinate, and again went to the experts.

“The operation lasted five hours. For the frame of the new nose used my own rib. Yes, I cut out a rib, crumbled it and put in the nose. Inside it looked much worse than the outside. And outside without a special gel, through which I was saved, he was a hook. One wing failed right after surgery. In seven years the situation has only worsened. Nose stopped breathing, climbed the cartilage that I was trying to “dissolve” the special preparations, but he did not respond”, – said the leading.

Natalie admitted that she was afraid to go under the knife of a medical professional. “Get an implant”, “a required cartilage from the ear”, “will not be worse,” is what I heard from different surgeons for consultations. One even brought me to tears. Although I was not fixated on the trouble and the trouble is not considered”, – says the star.

The surrounding were not even aware that Nevedrova health problems. Natalie mean not filed, that it is difficult for her to breathe. “But I knew that we need to do something. Because at least the face is my job. And I decided,” – said TV presenter.

Currently, Natalie is recovering from surgery at home. Relatives and friends Nevedrova try to support her in this difficult period. Blogger is very grateful to them for their help.

“I feel good. Edge worries me more than the nose. Hurts. On Sunday they took the cast off. Go with the patches so that the skin grows. Phew. We had a long time to tell. Relieved” – said a young woman.

The seam on the edge of the need to constantly handle. To this end, the friends Natalie bought a bottle of strong alcoholic beverage. “It was the strangest request ever (translated “ever”). Vodka and lenses,” said Neverov.