Маргарита Суханкина записала трогательный дуэт про мороженое
The singer continues to be friends with the wards of the project “You’re Super!”.

Маргарита Суханкина записала трогательный дуэт про мороженое

Margarita Suhankina

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Margarita Suhankina has recorded duets with the finalists of the project “You’re Super!” According to the singer, the idea originated at the time when she was still in
the jury of the TV show. But it took time for the implementation
conceived. And here Suhankina has unveiled two new
songs: “I believe”, recorded in duet with Anastasia Samaganova, and “ice cream” —
with Nadezhda Shebanova.

held on the show “You’re Super!” Margaret recalls fondly: “It’s a wonderful project, I hope that he will have
continued. Although, while there was a draft, my eyes were always tears.
On the jury table editor program is constantly lecturing the biography of the participants. And we realized that we would not be able to tell this
the child “no”, as if he neither sang. It was difficult to keep
objectivity, knowing the fate of these guys. This project taught even more
kindness, patience, sympathy, and other words with the prefix “SB”: compassion,
together. The prefix “with” a very important thing in life is
I realized when I had kids…

Margarita Suhankina with Nastya Samaganova, Nadia Shebanova and musicians

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

At the project I not
had Pets, I was worried about everyone. But some of the guys were closer to me on voice, intonation, manner to stand on the stage. Samaganova Nastya and Nadia Shebanova is a very talented girl, which I’m sure has a great future. Participation in
the project is only the beginning of their musical career. A recording of our duet is another step in the chosen direction
which they coped brilliantly. I really enjoyed working with the girls!
I was happy with them again to talk, because during the project
we had become close friends.”