Tata Bondarchuk received his first major role thanks to the group “Marseille”

Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель» The representative of the popular kinosaki starred in the music video “Districts-quarters” in extreme conditions. Tata Bondarchuk was pleased with the work and glad that she was able to bring something new in the video.
Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»

The video for the song “Districts-quarters” band “Marseille” was filmed in St. Petersburg with kinomechta: the main roles were invited socialite and instablogs Tata Bondarchuk (wife Bondarchuk Jr.) and cute actor Egor creed of Suhoveev, and in the crowd scenes participated about hundred persons. A mystical Thriller about the adventures of two lovers was filmed a few days in the halls, in Parking lots and the streets of St. Petersburg, where just raged severe frosts.

“We definitely need that on the set there was a feeling of extreme. The colder the clip, the warmer attitude towards him! This is our tradition” – joke musicians.
Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»

But the actors had no time for jokes: a day in the cold -10 was not easy for them, only the sincerity of the situation, the short breaks between filming, underwear and outerwear donated by Anna Sedokova, saved the situation.

Another day, the heroes were rescued from under the wheels of a sports car.

“It’s a dream car, Chevrolet 8-litre with mad dynamics and charisma,” said the sax player “Marcel” Mitya Blinov, who was sitting behind the wheel.

But the actors are more appreciated not the power of the machine, and the degree of gas contamination of premises, from which the participants of the shooting process was constantly dizzy and daring of the driver, who at the request of the Director had to go quickly and braking sharply before the heroes who saved the other member of the group – keyboardist Eugene Babenko.

Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»

The group leader Stepan Ledkov himself wrote the script and came up with the most scenes, however, the main character Tattoo Bondarchuk helped to find his wife. “We could not find the main character. She was supposed to be like the actress of American soap operas of the 80-ies, this exquisitely idealized image. And then my wife Katya showed me a video portfolio Tats in her Instagram, and I realized that she is exactly the girl we were looking for!” – said the lead singer.

Steve Marseille: “Every family experiencing the problem, as if it’s nuclear war!”

Tata Bondarchuk was an amazing find for musicians – the girl in social networks is being followed by hundreds of thousands of people have been patient, and all the difficulties of the shooting process took with a smile, fully immersed in the implementation of the task.

Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»
Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»“We were not familiar, but the songs “Marseille,” I always liked you, – she admitted, – so when I was invited to play in this video, I realized that it was fate, a sign from above! Really glad the guys got to work. And yet Stepan absolutely cosmic voice that no one be confused, and he knows how to cause very positive emotions. He demonstrated this on the set more than once, when he sang for the crowd, who starred in one of the scenes. He did it not out of necessity, but to maintain and heat the guys who came to the shooting for him! He is into his music, what he’s doing! And, by the way, he’s also helped a lot during the shooting process, prompted some fine moments of emotions. I have all three days of shooting, there was a feeling of happiness inside I wanted to hug everyone to go! I am very grateful to the guys for this opportunity and hope I did not disappoint, and I managed to make shooting something different and make a very cool story!”
Тата Бондарчук получила первую главную роль благодаря группе «Марсель»