Бывший муж Виктории Бони пустился во все тяжкие
Alex smerfit Dating married girls.

Alex Smerfit

Photo: Social Networks

Father daughter Victoria Boni — Alex smerfit surprised its subscribers in an unexpected publication. The son of a millionaire posted in microblog ad for a mistress. Alex honestly and openly wrote that he is ready to spend with a stranger the weekend under the motto “no regrets” and asked those wishing to write him a personal message.

“Anybody want to accompany me this weekend? Send messages direct and don’t say anything to your better half!” — posted by Alex on Instagram. To this he added several hashtags: “Life is too short”, “No regrets”, “Pleasure is everything”

Most of the users of the Network even angered is not the fact that Smurfit “down” to what is looking for are no encumbering relationships, and the fact that he is willing to meet even those girls whose heart is already taken. “Was disappointed”, “What example shows angelina…”, “Ugh, how embarrassing is it to write something?”, “With the personal lives of all the trouble, it would be better with Vick gone,” written by the subscribers of the Alexa.

In October, Smurfit a week vacationing in New Zealand with Boney and daughter. Many fans of the pair then decided that the former beloved decided to start all over again, but Victoria denied the possibility of reunification with Servicom. Recall that the gap Victoria and Alex became known in February — six months after they decided to leave.