Старшая дочь заставила Екатерину Климову вспомнить юность
The actress admits that the transition to adulthood Lisa hampered the understanding mothers and daughters.

Ekaterina Klimova daughter

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The mother of four children Yekaterina Klimova today one of the most sought after Actresses. Despite this, she manages to act, and to take an active part in the lives of their sons and daughters. That’s only with 16-year-old Lisa, the oldest child Klimova, recently experiencing difficulties – the girl has entered puberty. “Lisa never gave me hassle, but now that she’s older, of course, to communicate with her was difficult, — says the actress. Daughter made me remember my youth. And I thought that all my personal tragedies, parents should accept their guilt. And who else to fight at this age, not with parents who submit protests? It is normal for fifteen years, is better at this age than at thirty. Emotions can run away, to cry for two hours in the stairwell and return with a grudge against the whole world. I had that, my sister. Something similar is now happening with Lisa. But now I understand that in that moment I not only took offense to the mother but also hurt her, I hurt her. I wonder what there will continue to be open, when children still grow up?.. But I know for sure that all that is in me now annoys Lisa, someday she will be sorely missed. I like a daughter to say! Happiness, when you stay for mom a child at any age. By and large, no one, except her, not ask, and did you warm if your feet and things like that.”

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