Ex-husband of the star of “the Voice” trying to kidnap the daughter, demanded DNA test

Экс-супруг звезды «Голоса», пытавшийся похитить дочь, потребовал ДНК-тест Former mother-in-law accused the Opera singer in connection with the producer of group “Brilliant” Andrey Shlykov. The woman assumed that it was from him Svetlana Fedulova could give birth to her granddaughter. However, conducted a DNA examination to show the girl, who was diagnosed with down syndrome, is the daughter of Sergei Khomitskaya.
Экс-супруг звезды «Голоса», пытавшийся похитить дочь, потребовал ДНК-тест

The last few weeks have been particularly difficult for Svetlana Fedorovoj. First, ex-husband of Opera diva tried to kidnap her child and then the mother began to accuse the girl in the slutty behavior. Mother, ex-wife of the star claimed that she found long ago with the producer of group “Brilliant” Andrey Shlykov, and from him she gave birth to a daughter that was diagnosed with down syndrome.

To meet the relatives, accusing her of lying, Fedulova came to the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

“Mom started to send me messages that are unpleasant and offensive. In them she wrote that allegedly conducted Sonya DNA examination, and they are not relatives. To me such statements are generally outraged. They claim that I was not true he had a baby with someone else, although no reason is no,” admitted Svetlana.
Экс-супруг звезды «Голоса», пытавшийся похитить дочь, потребовал ДНК-тест

Showed up at the Studio and mother-in-law Fedulovo Julia Izhboldina. Businesswoman claimed that the diva didn’t just cheat on her son, but also guilty of large-scale financial fraud.

“Our acquaintance began with the fact that the Light asked me for a large sum of money – several thousand euros. It is therefore moved to the Czech Republic, as in Russia, there was huge debts. Plus the child she had paid insufficient attention. When Sonia was three weeks, she has already begun to act, and on the first day of the birth of a child was absent,” – said the Opera diva mother-in-law.

However, Svetlana charges in the address categorically do not agree. She tries to surround a small Dormouse with the utmost care, but the girl is still going through a difficult quarrel parents. According to Theodoulou after ex-husband attempted to kidnap a child could not recover.

By the way, the husband of Fedulovo Sergey Khomitsky also decided to Express their opinion. The man said that he would love Sonia in any case, even if the daughter will be to him a foreign language. According to the ex-chosen Opera diva, he was not trying to kidnap the baby, and just wanted a little chat with her.

The star of “the Voice” will deprive the husband of parental rights after kidnapping daughter

Points over “i” in family drama Svetlana Fedulova put DNA examination. According to the study managed to establish that little Sonia with a probability of 99.9% is the daughter of an Opera diva.