Daria Klyukina went to the hospital due to stress

Дарья Клюкина попала в больницу из-за стресса Daria Klyukina went to the hospital and was forced to pass the examination. The cause of feeling bad personal experiences. Now Daria Klyukina feels great and plans tomorrow to go to Sochi to support Russian national team on the match against Croatia.
Дарья Клюкина попала в больницу из-за стресса

Instagram of 23-year member of the show “the Bachelor” has nearly 2.5 million subscribers. Charming Dasha Klyukina in an instant became a favorite of fans, taking the coveted ring from Yegor creed. Despite the fact that the couple did not work, the popularity of the girl growing every day.

Not surprisingly, fans immediately began to worry about hardly visit Daria came the news of her bad health. Fortunately, doctors managed to normalize the condition of the famous patient. How did you learn the “StarHit”, now the health Dashi no danger. Tomorrow she is planning to travel to Sochi for the match of the national team of Russia on football with Croatia.

“All diseases begin with emotions and stress. We never know what it can mean. I have today were first anesthetized, it’s all right. Just this morning crying into the phone mom. No matter how strong I was, I also scared like a child”, – shared her experiences Klyukina.
Дарья Клюкина попала в больницу из-за стресса

Fans immediately assumed that the cause of the stress could be relations with Egor Creed. In the opinion of the subscribers in this romantic story is still not marked points.

The representative of Lukinoj also confirmed that Klyukina was in the hospital because of personal experiences, but stressed that Dasha would not want to go into details.

“Dasha’s all good, no reason to worry. Tomorrow she flies off to watch football, will be rooting for Russia. Now sitting in front of me and feels great. Nothing terrible happened! It’s personal, and she would like to leave this information with you” – shared with “StarHit” the representative of the winner of “the Bachelor.”

Stress could also be caused by an excessive employment of girls, work schedule, Daria may be the envy of even the most venerable shark show business. Klucina constantly invited to participate in the filming and be a guest at social events and in any post microblog fans trying to find hints of a reunion with Egor Creed.

The model itself does not hide the pleasure that one receives from their work. In addition, despite the crazy popularity, Dasha is not touched star fever – the girl always tries to respond to subscribers and to share with them the latest information about his life.