Экс-супруг Карины Мишулиной отказывается содержать дочь Actor Oleg Zhukov offers no support to his 12-year-old heiress. Karina Mishulina asks for nothing from her ex-husband and does not intend to file for child support. According to the man, he hesitates to establish a relationship with the child, as deep in debt.

      Экс-супруг Карины Мишулиной отказывается содержать дочь

      The daughter of a famous actor Spartaka Mishulina Karina more than twelve years ago was married to actor Oleg Zhukov. Then the girl played a secret wedding without telling even the closest people. However this marriage was short-lived. As told Karina Mishulina in the program “Talk show”, now she has no contact with the ex-spouse, despite the fact that they had growing up shared a daughter, Christine. Moreover, the man does not pay child support and does not seek to participate in the lives of girls.

      “We got it – we lost touch. Went on my initiative, communication was lost on him,” said the star of the series “Fizruk”.

      Экс-супруг Карины Мишулиной отказывается содержать дочь

      Despite the fact that Oleg does not provide financial support to the younger Christine, Mishulina doesn’t want to call him to account through the courts. She is afraid that because of this, he can lay claim to the girl in the future. For example, to request child support from the child on its content. Only once the daughter of a famous actor turned to Zhukov with a request to allocate four thousand rubles to pay for the courses of foreign language for my daughter. The answer of Christine’s father shocked the artist.

      “He said to me, “are you sure this is English? Maybe I’m all the family fed?” – remember Mishulina replica of his ex-wife.
      Экс-супруг Карины Мишулиной отказывается содержать дочь

      After these words, Carina decided not to ask for anything Zhukov. Also it was no surprise that the man did not want to spend time with the child, despite attempts by the actress to make contact Christine with her father.

      “The daughter went to him, as they returned, I asked: “What did you do?” – “But dad was away, I was alone at the computer while he was gone,” – said Mishulina.

      Now because of the ex-husband of Mishulin have had problems that cause disturbance to the whole family. The actress, her mother and eldest daughter are threatened with death. As it turned out, Oleg Zhukov took out a loan and did not hurry to extinguish it. Despite the fact that his marriage with the Mishulin was long ago terminated, and the money he took after the divorce, the Bank does not give rest to her and her family. According to men, this circumstance prevents his meeting with the girl. Oleg allegedly ashamed to look her in the eye because he can’t understand financial problems.

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      “While the situation does not improve, most likely, it won’t be me to see her, – says Oleg. The child is my definite pain. Of course, when there were some opportunities I made extra and gave”.
      Экс-супруг Карины Мишулиной отказывается содержать дочь

      Guests in the Studio were extremely outraged that the actor does not care about her daughter, although the man himself and his ex-wife did not Express complaints against each other. Oleg does not feel obligated to give money, as the wife has not appealed to the relevant authorities. Myself Karina wants nothing from ex-wife – all expenses assumed her current choice Ivan Korobov.

      “I now have a wonderful husband, who adores my child. She came back to life, Christine was very large complexes, and now she’s blossomed. She thinks dad, kisses and hugs. He clothes, feeds and everywhere says that it’s his child,” admires the new spouse actress.