Фото голых ягодиц Ольги Серябкиной вызвало шквал критики The footage the artist is depicted without underwear. The soloist of the group SEREBRO posing on the bed with his back to the camera. As the star’s hair up in two buns, you can see every curve of her body. Netizens have condemned the girl for being too vulgar.

      The leader and the permanent soloist of the group SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina not hesitate once again to show the advantages of their figures. However, this time the intimate photos of girls in the fan communities. The footage of Olga posing without clothes. According to some fans of Seryabkina, initially, the singer was in lingerie, but then it was removed using photoshop.

      Some social media users were glad that Olga is not shy to lay out such pictures, and others suggested that stars some problems with self-esteem. “The world of animals, sick already! Dear girls, be above it”, “What to exhibit with a bare ass in the white light, at least a little have conscience”, “Morality is everyone’s business. If I had this ass, I might also boasted would”, “Expect vulgarity from Olga” – wrote on the community website devoted to Seryabkina.

      In turn, Olga pays no attention to the opinion of detractors. The girl is confident in himself, so he prefers to emphasize the slender waist and gorgeous Breasts sexy outfits, and sometimes posing for photo shoots Topless.

      According to Seracini, her images on stage and outside of work are almost indistinguishable. “Just in my life, I was more relaxed. All that is in me usual, a little more focused on the stage. I never try to impersonate someone whom you are not,” said Olga “StarHit”.

      Some detractors believe that the artist behaves this way only because of the fact that she has problems in his personal life, and she can’t meet the man of dreams. The singer calmly to such conversations. She repeatedly told reporters that not every member of the opposite sex can be with her. Olga takes the position that the relationship should not be mistrust, jealousy and insecurity. Moreover, the satellite must be very strong, otherwise, as the star admits she will twist from it cords. Olga Seryabkina will declassify personal life