Alla Pugacheva said “remove” it from the air

Алла Пугачева ответила на требования «убрать» ее из эфира Throughout the week, discussing the content of the Christmas program of the First channel. Alla Pugacheva with her usual ironic answer to all the detractors. Fans supported celebrity and said that it is always interesting to see the Diva on the screen.

      A few days after new year’s eve unhappy rostovchanin has decided to petition to the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst. In the words of the disturbed man, he was extremely dissatisfied with the gear that was shown during the holidays. In particular, he had no taste the idea of the program, which featured the brightest stars of domestic show-business, such as Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, and many others. He decided to find like-minded people to collect signatures to “reach out” to the leadership of one of the main TV channels in Russia. For weeks no one from the Directorate of the channel and the celebrities did not respond to the initiative of men. Today, however, the Diva decided to answer the detractors. In the social network she left the publication in which they expressed their attitude to the current situation.

      “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again to see this is true happiness”, with the characteristic sense of humour wrote Alla in the microblog.

      Such statement the artist made clear that indulgently and with irony refers to such statements and does not consider them worthy of his attention. Moreover, many fans instantly left comments with words of support. The followers account celebrity said that Christmas evening, which was attended by Pugachev, was lovely and they enjoyed watching the broadcast on the national pop stars.

      “How I love! The only large-scale personality on stage! Only”, “Alla, we are with you! We love you and your creativity and will not give you offense! Thank you, that is you and your creativity!”, “Alla, the haters can’t say for sure how many there were over the years? And where are they? Where are you and where are they? These small suction cups, bureaucrats, knockers, “will not allow” and “not valid”! To hell with them, Shine on, we love you!” – once again marveled at the talent and creativity of the Divas fans.

      It is interesting that the author of the petition did not watch all the Christmas show of the First channel. He said that he preferred the other program, and his opinion is formed from short pieces of transmission that he could see when just switched channels.