Экс-супруг запретил Маргарите Суханкиной исполнять песни «Миража» The soloist of the band will not go to the concerts in Germany and Canada. The Creator of “Mirage” and the former civil husband of singer Andrew Litjagin decided to cease cooperation with Shankini and threatened her with fines if she will perform songs that have been recorded in the group.

      Экс-супруг запретил Маргарите Суханкиной исполнять песни «Миража»

      Before leaving for the world tour Germany and Canada in group “Mirage” there was a scandal. The Creator of the popular group Andrew Lityagin replaced soloists in the team: instead of a Margarita Suhankina on tour will go Boldysheva Catherine, who acted as a singer in the early 90’s. Together with her on stage will be guitarist Alexey gorbashov, drummer Andrey Grishin and keyboardist Sergey Krylov. Besides, the representatives of the producer told reporters that Suhankina currently touring with songs Lityagina that takes the illegal.

      According to the lawyer of the publishing house Dmitry JAM Semennikova, which organizes concerts, Andrew had never entered into any contracts with Margarita. As a rule, all are based on verbal agreements: the singer was able to perform hits.

      “Now the situation has changed, Andrew is configured to cooperate with well-documented contributions to him as an author and owner of the trade mark “Mirage”. That is, it does not aim to remove her from the scene. Just to put relations in the legal field. We tried to arrange talks with Margaret through her concert Directors, but they are from our offer is refused,” said the Testes.

      Litjagin and his team threatened to go to court if Suhankina continue to perform on the stage of the composition of the group “Mirage”. According to the lawyer, for breach of copyright-the singer faces a fine from 10 thousand to five million rubles.

      The artist is currently on tour, so knows nothing about the ongoing permutations in the group “Mirage”. The representative of Shanking Oksana Romanenko said the “Antenna-Telesem” that the news has become for them an unpleasant surprise. However, the agent has shared the unknown details.

      “It’s been a month and a half Litjagin does not go with us. Said he had health problems, he was in the hospital. Any suggestions Margarita did not arrive. At the moment we are trying to get through to Andrew, to clarify the situation”, – said Romanenko.

      By the way, Lityagina and Suhankina linked romaticheskie relationship. A few years ago they adopted two children, but in the fall of 2014 civil marriage celebrities broke up. Admitted as Margarita, the separation had happened naturally. However, then they had to work together in the “Mirage”. Margarita Suhankina broke up with her husband because of the children