Внебрачная дочь Александра Серова претендует на баснословные алименты 27-year-old girl wants to get the amount of 110 million rubles. Scandal over an illegitimate child of Alexander Serov broke out a few years ago. The musician is waiting for the results of a second DNA test.

      Внебрачная дочь Александра Серова претендует на баснословные алименты

      The story about the famous singer Alexander Serov has a daughter, spread through all the media a few years ago. Natalia tiller works insisted that the potential father and the girl passed the DNA test to prove to the actress that she is raising their child Christine. Serov claimed that is irrelevant to these women.

      Despite the fact that Alexander did not wish to do the examination, the court still forced him to go on such measure. The result was positive, not persuaded famous musician. Now Natalia and Christine demand from the artist a fabulous sum in child support.

      “A DNA test is a provocation, why did I go there? It is a mystic right kind. For that she requires the money? I don’t understand. 110 million is half a million euros. I haven’t talked to her and will not talk. This child is a victim of moms are idiots” – said Serov.

      As told earlier, Natalia reporters, Alexander paid the alimony on the maintenance of the daughter to her majority. Now the girl is 27 years old, and her mother is outraged that for nine years he gave the child a penny. But most of all, the woman was outraged that a famous actor has not tried to communicate with the girl.

      Alexander has a daughter Michelle who was born in the marriage with his ex-wife Elena. Five years ago, he divorced his wife after 20 years of marriage. Until now, 62-year-old actor teplit hope to meet the love of his life. He talked about the fact that it is not deprived of female attention, but looking for a life partner that would meet all of his notions of the ideal.

      “Modest, meek, moderately cute, charming, which causes positive emotions, formulated the ideal type of woman Alexander Serov in an interview. – And I do not pay much attention, because they are in a slightly different perspective is presented. They play, they are on the podium, and we’re talking about life directions. So, as I described above, can be taken as a dogma.”

      But now, as reports the edition Life.ru Alexander is determined to get to the end in a situation with an illegitimate daughter and is waiting for the results of re-analysis of DNA to learn the truth.