Marilyn Kerro: “I Have only one rival”

Мэрилин Керро: «У меня есть только один соперник» Estonian witch says that the win of the new season. Review <url> for the third time tries the forces in the project “fight of psychics”. But this time she declares that it is important to help people, and not the title of the strongest psychic.

      Мэрилин Керро: «У меня есть только один соперник»

      Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro twice tried his hand at reality show “Battle of psychics” on TNT. Medium reached the finals, but the winner of the coveted prize did not become. Now Kerro decided the third time to go on the project. As Marilyn says, it does not seek to obtain the best psychic. The main motive of participation is the desire to help people.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      “I’m not concentrating on winning. Important to me personal growth that I could provide more help to people. I think it’s supposed to be the main goal of the programme and the work of a psychic, although, unfortunately, many have forgotten about it. This season, for me there’s one strong contender. The competition is for the best – she does not relax. But I will not resort to any special tricks for the win: everything I do is for people who need help,” explained Kerro.

      The triumphant return of Estonian witch project, not all embraced enthusiastically. Some viewers were outraged that Marilyn did not pass the selection for the new season along with all but only appeared in the third series. Not caused rough delight the appearance of kerro her rivals for the project. However, the producers of the program were quick to defend a psychic, and admitted that the Estonian witch wanted to pass the selection on General grounds, however, they decided to take her to a new season thanks to past achievements.

      “The decision Marilyn to participate in the “Battle of the psychics” for the third time was a complete surprise to us, because we, like many viewers, thought she was joking, saying that he would return again. Of course, we couldn’t forbid her to participate, the more it insisted on the passage of the casting and the selection test, which has every right as any man. But it was absolutely pointless to call her in for auditions, because it is in our eyes not only twice auditioned for the show, but also successfully handle dozens of tasks two seasons. So we asked her to give way to new participants and allow them to show themselves to the audience. And not only the first but also the second series – it’s just a warm-up, we’re not kicked out, and the real Battle starts from the third week. It was at this point and there was Mary,” – commented the producer of the show Maria shaikevich.

      Recall that Kerro took part in the 14th and 16th of the season. It is on the project she met her love, Alexander Sheps, which recently broke up. Fans of kerro guess about the cause of her break with the Sheps